wondering bout the olsen twins' vintage chanels

  1. i absolutely have no envy with celebs like nicole richie or mischa barton with their chanels.
    they have stylists who shop for them.
    they have money to get all the expensive and new chanels...

    but, what really wondered me are the olsen twins...
    how did they found their gorgeous vintage chanels?
    and i believe they don't have stylists right?
    did they surf on eBay? LOL
  2. What about such upscale resale/consignment shops as a possibility. Oftentimes, it's the hunt that's the best fun and deal. If they're doing eBay I hope they authenticate!
  3. I know that there are many vintage shops on Robertson, that the Olsen Twins shop at.
  4. oh, yeah, i forgot about vintage shops :p
  5. I'm STILL wondering what bag this is called, I've searched the referance library and the celebrity part. People ask what it's called, but so far no one has answered..

  6. i've been wondering about that one too, it's so exquisite!
  7. The Olsens have some vintage designer shop they go to in Paris. I forget the name.