Woman uses her baby as a weapon!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: Omg, how could someone DO THAT?! augh..people disgust me sometimes.
  3. OMG, what is that womens problem? That is crazy. :sad:
  4. :shocked: Wow, some people shouldn't have kids...
  5. That is so terrible....then she tries to cover herself by saying he was hurt during a domestic dispute....what a bunch of BS....Poor baby, I hope he will be okay.
  6. OM F G! This woman should be locked up and throw away the freaking key!!! :wtf: :mad: :censor:

    If not worse...
  7. how horrible!! :sad:
  8. it amazes me how stupid and selfish people can act sometimes. i hope the baby is ok =/
  9. I'm probably going to get blasted for this, but...this sort of thing is an argument for mandatory sterilization, IMO. She's 27 and has 5 kids. How much you wanna bet she is on welfare and that not all the kids have the same daddy?
  10. Holy SH*T! What a crazy!
  11. Hopefully her kids won't be returned to her.
  12. Oh my, that is horrible
  13. omg i bet she thought he was a nearby weapon and wanted to use that.. goodness gracious.
  14. How horrible. Someone should swing her and use her head like a club.
  15. Wow.. and she has four other kids.. I feel bad for them.