WOC was first, what next?

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  1. Hi everyone, I made my first Chanel bag purchase 2 months ago, a black caviar classic WOC with gold hw. I love it and find it goes with everything, and it truly gives me pleasure to use and fits my lifestyle. As it has stretched I have been pleased I can fit more in it, for example I can now fit my sunnies yay!

    Soooo...I am teetering on the edge of the slippery slope and am already scheming a second purchase. I'm becoming obsessed with a mini and m/l classic flap. Also, would a second WOC in a fun color be crazy?

    For those of you who started with a WOC, where did you go from there? And why? Are you happy with your purchases? I'd love to hear some histories and experiences.

    Thank you!
  2. Hi. Congrats on your WOC. I also find mine to be extremely handy. That's all I've been using as of lately.

    I will say this, I started my collection a little backwards. I got my black jumbo first, then I got my WOC. A flap seems like a nice way to go next. And another WOC in a brighter color is not crazy at all. It's perfect, IMO. Go for it, and good luck!
  3. With the choices you're considering, I'd choose the Mini. The medium classic isn't really much bigger than the Mini but costs a good bit more and since you already have a WOC a bag that can hold a bit more seems like a good idea... I've got a medium classic & 2 WOC's and I know for sure the next Chanel bag I buy will be the rectangular mini :smile:
  4. I'm so happy I came across your thread because I have a black woc also but am considering another woc in a brighter color! But I can't figure out what would be the right pop color for me. I also currently have two minis - a light grey and dark grey which I find very versatile and goes with many outfits if I don't feel like wearing a black bag. I would pick something that you know you would grab often. I definitely grab my woc and minis more than my M/Ls since I think they are more convenient for on the go.
  5. Congratulations on your first Chanel purchase! I gotta warn you that it only gets better from here (maybe not so much for your wallet). I kept going with the classics and got a jumbo CL and then a boy. Can't wait to see what you go for next!
  6. I totally understand your dilemma!! I'm so obsessed with wocs now. I started with my jumbos and now have two wocs. Contemplating my next bag...maybe a reissue...but would also love another woc
  7. Thank you for enabling me ;) A jumbo and a WOC sounds like a great combo!
  8. Yes as you know the mini is called my name. Minis have a loud voice for such a small bag haha! Hopefully we'll be bag twins soon.
  9. Ooh grey sounds so good. Thanks for the tip on what you actually reach for. Personally I think a second WOC in red, fuschia, or burgundy would be amazing. GL! The planning is all part of the fun.
  10. Thank you! I'm just glad I got started before too much time went by so I can enjoy these incredible bags. You have a lovely collection!
  11. It's a "good problem to have" isn't it?! GL With your decisions! Thanks goodness we have his forum where others understand this obsession!
  12. Welcome to Chanel addict club ! I use my woc the most, but I got the jumbo first though. I'm looking for the right mini at the moment. I don't mind red camellia woc, if I can find it. It's fun planning the next purchase, GL deciding!
  13. Here's hoping!!
  14. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a red camellia WOC and let you know if I see one :smile:
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  15. i got my black caviar ghw woc and then went for a black caviar shw m/l flap next. i figured my woc is super compact and so versatile as i can make the strap crossbody, shoulder, or clutch, that it can be my bag for special occasions as well as just super compact casual days. my m/l i picked shw and the size since i wanted it more casual. while i have heard that it doesnt hold much more than the minis due to the double flap, i still went for the m/l next since: bigger size = slightly more casual, double flap = may slightly hold its structure longer, and i wanted to wear it on shoulder

    i believe the square is more a shoulder bag length and the rectangular mini is more crossbody length. I am eyeing the rectangular next but can't quite justify it yet lol

    and i wont be getting a jumbo or maxi since im not even 5ft and they would just be enormous on me