WOC - new in stock

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  1. Hey girls,

    I was at a Chanel Boutique in Singapore where I was introduced to a new WOC that had just arrived last night. I'm not sure if anyone of u haf seen it in ur locality but it comes in two colours - ivory and light pink:cloud9:

    Needless to say, i bought one. But what was surprising was the price... I shouldn't reveal the price here cos it was quite unbelievable (by my standards). Most importantly, it had the right credentials.... caviar, light coloured (for the fashion sense of fall/winter and spring) and... less damaging to the pockets......

    Do head down to Chanel Takashimaya if ur in Singapore... They had only 4 pcs and I already own one... I'm really happy beyond words about this purchase because i always wanted a WOC and was on the verge of buying a vintage till i met my ivory gf last night!!! :yahoo:

    It felt really good when one of the shoppers at Chanel kept eyeing my WOC, probably wondering how on earth it appeared at the shop.... :love:
  2. unbelievable like the price was unbelievably high? :/
    im goin in today!
  3. pics?
  4. agreed.. You could share prices too isn't it? None of what you saw in the WOC thread?
  5. Yes, please do share the pics and price please! :smile:
  6. It's priced at S$1320... In contrast, a classic WOC is at S$2520...

    Girls... I felt that I had to get it... Lol!

    I promise to upload the pics later. Bought it late last night and I haven't even commissioned it for use!!
  7. :useless:
  8. wow that price is amazing!
    Now I'm really intrigued! Post pics ASAP :biggrin:
  9. I read the WOC thread. Girls... I dun think I saw a light pink Sevruga WOC in the thread... It's really sweet but I opted for ivory :smile:)
  10. Congrats! Is it the sevruga?
  11. oh Sevruga! yes, price is about the same as u.s retail. congrats!
  12. Congrats! Now let's see some pics!
  13. Congrats! Pictures please!
  14. Congrats. Thank god the WoCs don't increase in prices!
  15. We do have one lady who got the light pink one pretty long ago when Sevruga WOC just came up.. She did a reveal thread here, maybe didn't include in the WOC thread.. But congrats on your new WOC. However there are some problems experience on Sevruga WOC too fyi.. No worries, nothing major.. :smile: