*With Pics* Bijoux Chain Flap Bags Availability in NYC, LA or LVegas?

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm heading to the US 24 June-13 July and will be looking for the medium/large or jumbo black flap bag with bijoux chain in caviar or lambskin

    Is this available readily in Vegas, LA or NYC?

    Thanks :smile:

    ps: attached is a pic of the same bag i have in very pale beige caviar
    chanelpalebeigenewchainjumbocaviar1.jpg chanelpalebeigenewchainjumbocaviar.jpg
  2. I would try calling the Chanel 800 number because it I think it was very popular and then they can track which Chanel boutique might have any. However, they don't keep track of stock at NM, Saks, Bloomies, etc so you might need to make a few phone calls. Good luck!