With Birkin

  1. hey guys so I really wanna get the big Birkin in black with can be used as a carry on but I don't know what size it is does anyone know the size and price? And does anyone have pics and comments about the bag?
  2. Many of the big flagship stores have the big (50cm+ ) birkins, they go now for about $ 7800. but in 2 weeks there will be a huge price increase at hermes (because of the usual 10% increase + a euro exchange) so if you can buy it now : you are in luck!!!
  3. There is one at my local store (Costa Mesa), I think in brown togo. You can call and inquire, it's been there for a while.

    I don't think these big sizes sell as well as the 30s and 35s. The store manager should be happy to take phone orders.