With all of the new LV stuff coming out this fall...

  1. What's on your wishlist?
  2. I want the bag in the photo but not sure if I'll be comfortable spending this kind of $$$!!!:nuts:
  3. I want everything from the Vail Blanket collection, the carryall Innsbruck and the Mirroir Keepall. :love: Not a fan of the Boheme Run collection though.
  4. I am only drooling over one bag, but that means nothing! Whenever I see a new LV in person, I feel differently!:lol:
  5. ooooh star you have to let us in now on your winter spending spree's
  6. Today I just put my name on the waiting list for the Groom Collection Agenda. The one with the BLUE stripe. As you are given the choice between 3 different colors on the agenda :smile:
  7. Which bag is that, LV_addict?
  8. I think it's called Alizee. I LOVE it (in the pic)!!! I am waiting to see it IRL!!!:nuts: It somewhat reminds me of my Mizi Vienna.
  9. I want the charms (wallet/something something) more than anything. But I have to wait until I get my credit card in the mail or I get my paycheck. So I hope it doesn't go away before I have the money.


    charms wallet fuschia
    vuitton charm earrings
    groom agenda in orange
    groom bandeu
    black inclusion ring
    new vuitton collection ring (I forget name)
    Edited: Crap they aren't making a miroir noe
  10. damier azur medium agenda and cles and maybe something from the groom line.
  11. Ooohhh....that looks gorgeous!

    I really really want something from the Groom collection, probably the cles. Also I might need something from the Azur collection too, I'm waiting to see how it looks IRL.
  12. My wishlist:
    Groom Coin purse :yes:
    Groom Bandeau
    Nomade Alma or Suhali Lockit (black) or a Epi Alma plus Pop Haute (not sure yet!!!!):sweatdrop:
  13. I really want something from the damier azure collection. Also, I may loose my coservative ways and go for something from the mirior line.:roflmfao:
  14. damier azure speedy, damier speedy, something from the mirroir line not sure what and the new onatah
  15. That bag looks HOT!!! :nuts: