Wish Lists

  1. Hi there i'n ew here and love all designer bags/purses although my Louis are my babies. I thought I would break the ice by posting my wish list along with what I currently have


    Monogram Pochette
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Denim Neo Speedy

    Also have

    Fendi Messenger
    Chrsitain Dior Saddle Bag with matching wallet both blue and white
    Balenciaga le dix in black
    Gucci Beige and brown monogram with pink handles
    Gucci Mini Tote in black monogram

    LV Wishlist

    Black Epi Speedy 25
    Monogram Trouville
    White MC Trouville
    Monogram Wapity
    White MC Wapity
    and a monogram wallet of some kind not decided yet
  2. I really really want a LV Monogram Speedy 30.....
  3. Oh my wishlist for Louis Vuitton bags alone is miles long ! I just settle for wishing to one day magically trade places with Kimora Lee.

    Welcome to the board ! ;)
  4. LV speedy cerises or damier
    portemonnaie plat in black mc with the blue LVs on top :smile:
  5. I am hoping to get the white mc wapity soon and annoy my husband enough naggin for him to get me the monogram one. I will be getting the monogram trouville for chrsitmas as a gift so will start a savings fund for the mc version. I also would love a cerises speedy 25 and wish I had purchased last year at LV as I will be lucky to find a good one now!
  6. Welcome Bagfreak2006 ~ So Happy To Have You Here!!! & Great List!!! :smile:
  7. my list is getting longer and longer everyday.

    Races out to buy lotto tickets :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. -an all vachetta ellipse
    -alzer anglaise in red epi with gold hardware
    -beauty case in red epi leather with gold hardware
    -hatbox in red epi leather with gold hardware

    that is it :smile:
  9. [​IMG] Hi bagfreak.
    Nice list, I hope you post pictures of your collection so we can watch it grow.Truthfully, I really just like looking at everybody's pretty bags.
  10. I REALLY want the Epi Passy GM in Red :shocked: !
  11. Hello and welcome:P

    Current wishlist:

    Damier Duomo
    Black mc Wapity
    Mono Speedy 25
    Manhattan PM

    There would be more:rolleyes: but that's my main ones at the moment.
  12. I wish for Waltz Oskar or Macha.:love:
  13. My wishlist has changed. Kinda.

    Damier Saleya PM
    Fuchsia Denim Neo Speedy
    Graffiti Speedy 30
    Red Epi Passy
    Anything in Peppermint or Marshmallow Vernis
    Suhali Le Fab in white or geranium
  14. Have
    Monogram Alma
    Pochette cles
    Passport wallet
    Twin GM
    Damier small agenda

    Cabas Mezzo

    My wishlist
    Chelsea Tote
    Damier Uzes (sp?)
    Babylone Tote
  15. Have
    Mc Boulogne (white)
    Mc speedy (black)
    Mc almas both in white
    Mc pmp (black)
    Mc cles (white)
    Monogram spedy 25
    CB Retro (brown/pink)

    Eye need you
    Eye love you
    Eye dare you
    Tweedy (small version)
    La talentueux in plum and white
    monogram speedy 30
    Manhattan gm & pm
    Hudson pm
    Cabas Piano
    Mc eliza (white)
    Mc lodge pm (white)
    Plus so many more..........

    Thought I would also mention I am new here too.