Wish list and waiting list .

  1. I just don't understand these terms .I rang client services here in UK as we can't get direct to the stores .Am trying to track a Adele wallet .Rang 10 days back and asked the lady if she could put me on the wait list ,which she did .I rang again yesterday and another lady asked if I wanted to be on waiting list to which I said I already was .Today I thought might as well double check to which another lady said there is no waiting list but the first person must have put you on wish list ,and she will not be able to check individual wish list of each person .Why are things so confusing .They themselves are not sure what they talk and neither do they connect you to any stores nor do stores give out their numbers .She said lot of canvas pieces are not in stock and most of them will be available by end of this month or beginning of next .No idea what the real story is .
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  2. I’ve heard conflicting things too, but for me it’s in store. When I inquire about popular items and being put on a waiting list, I am told there isn’t a list and they will just contact me when they have the item(s). Have yet to hear back on things I wanted, and I’ve seen some up online and others post they bought them.
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  3. The best way to purchase an item you want is to deal directly with a store SA. If you don't have access to a store, ask around on forums for a reliable SA's contact info. Sometimes you even have to pay full deposit in advance to secure the piece.
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  4. Unfortunately here in UK they don't give you their contact numbers .Either you go to the store or deal with online CS .
  5. SAs have individual business cards (at least they do in France and in the US). Ask for an SA's business card next time you are in store.
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  6. SA's in Australia have business cards too.
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  7. If you are desperate to get hold of the Adele wallet, I would also check the UK site. Have a plan on checking availability (bookmark the Adele page).... I only say this as items do become available (usually early in the morning)..... this has happened with certain hard to get items (Christmas Animation, etc)
    Im in the UK too... If I see the Adele available online, I can PM you, just to alert you (even if it is 5am in the morning :lol:)
    At least it gives you another way of maybe getting your hands on an Adele. But stay on the waitlist (if you are on one)

    I was on waitlist last year for the Compact Curieuse in Poppy. I never heard anything, but it was discontinued soon after. So, don't rely on waitlist :wave:
  8. Ps... Are you after Fuchsia or Coquelicot?
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  9. I should have done so. But i'm either to tense to ask or I simply wasn't thinking about it. :doh:
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  11. The Louis Vuitton website has contact numbers and store addresses.
  12. Yes they have but unfortunately all go to CS ,found out the hard way :sad:
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