winter jacket

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  1. HI everyone, i was thinking of buying a canada goose product jacket , i dont know if u have heard of that , i was wondering if you guys think its worth it or not? TIA
  2. I'd like to know too! They're really gorgeous, and I've heard super warm too! I wonder if they make any that are less poofy?
  3. They are adoreable - trust me you will never be warmer!
  4. I heard they were really nice, I saw an ad for them in Elle Canada last month (I think).

    Personally, I love my North Face jacket, gets me through the chilly winters! :p
  5. I've heard of them. Definately worth it, they're really warm! I kind of wish I had one now, what with the weather we're getting.
  6. I'm fairly partial to the man fur.

    I am really impressed with their military bomber jackets. Classic and not too expensive for what you're getting.