Winter 2006 Tokidoki by LeSportsac ???

  1. Does anyone know when the winter inferno/paradiso tokidoki bags are scheduled to hit stores or the LeSportsac website? I've already picked up my inferno bag at Metropark in SF but that is the only place I've been able to see the new prints. I'd like to pick up something small in paradiso but can't find it anywhere yet. My sister lives in NY and they were in Macy's there last week! Anyone have any info?? Thanks.
  2. I've seen them at Macy's here, but they don't have them at Nordstrom yet. I believe they're going to be on the lesportsac site soon (this week?)
  3. Thanks for the response. What area do you live in that you've seen them in Macys? You're right about this week, I got an email from lesportsac today saying they were going to be on their site sometime this week. They also said thatthe pirate print will be available after the first of the year. I'm just dying to see a good selection of the paradiso/inferno in the stores so I can choose what I want.
  4. Thank you TokiliciousJenY! :yahoo: I absolutely adore the pirate print. Guess I have to start saving now!
  5. It hasn't hit our shores yet. I can't wait to see the prints IRL!!
  6. I'm in Seattle. I've called around to Nordstrom, but they don't seem to have them yet. Urban Outfitters is still carrying Foresta as well.
  7. Yeah i checked seattle downtowns Nordstrom & macy's but neither had the new prints..
  8. I wonder how Metropark got them so much earlier than the rest of the stores. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks that they've had the new prints. They just don't have a good selection to choose from.
  9. Bedhead63 - I called the downtown Macy's, and the woman that I talked to said they did have *two* bags in the Paradiso/Inferno, but that was it. Then again, she didn't seem to know the handbag department well (or at least, she wasn't familiar with tokidoki/lesportsac).

    The Macy's at Southcenter had a *ton* of Paradiso/Inferno as of this last weekend... but that's a little too far for me to drive in this crappy rain and traffic we've been having.

    Usually Nordstrom gets them in before lesportsac has them on the site, but it doesn't appear that will be the case this time.
  10. Does your Nordstrom have them yet?? Ours still doesn't! What's going on with them?? Any idea?
  11. The Macy's in Herald Square had more of the Inferno print than the Paradiso, but not much selection by way of bag styles. FYI, the lining in the Paradiso bags is lemon yellow and the Inferno is, of course, tomato red.
  12. I wonder why there's not too much of a selection anywhere. Do you think it's too many patterns too fast???

    Did you happen to see any of the accessories there like the caramella I think it's called, the little makeup case? I'll be in NYC in a month and I'm hoping to score one of those. I guess I can always head to LeSportsac, they'll probably have the best selection.
  13. just a heads up, the bags are available on the website already if you don't mind purchasing it online.
  14. It might not be a case of too many patterns too fast (Coach comes to mind here, releasing new bags every quarter), but rather stores not keeping up with demand? I also did not realize that most of NYC was off for Veteran's Day yesterday and everyone went shopping, so maybe that is why the selection was so poor.

    Although Macy's had the little makeup cases and other accessories in the regular, non-Tokidoki LeSportsac prints, I have never seen any Tokidoki accessories there. If I get a chance, I will stop by again and ask one of the SA's if they carry them.
  15. You made some awesome points. You're probably right about the stores not keeping up with demand. People are probably starting their Christmas shopping too and the smaller accessories are more affordable, they probably make better gifts. If you happen to stop in again, please let me know what you find out. Thanks so much!!