WINSTON!!!!! Please come home, we miss you!!!

  1. :crybaby::crybaby:OMG!!!! My kitty, Winston, has gone missing. I don't know what to do, I'm so upset. He's been gone for 3 days now. I've contacted the shelters, the Cat Finding people, the Vet, Pet store, put out hundreds of flyers, put up about 30 laminated posters on the street lights and scoured the streets for him day and night. He doesn't wear a collar as he's an indoor cat, but is micro-chipped and is pretty unique looking.

    We're leaving Holland shortly (to move back to Australia) and I'm so worried that we won't get him back in time. OMG, what do we do if we don't get him back!!!! I'm really starting to panic now.

    We did get one call late last night from someone that saw him, we raced out but couldn't find him. Ladies, I don't usually do this, but I REALLY need as many good vibes/wishes/thoughts as I can get.

    Please, Winston, come home. :crybaby::crybaby:. We love you. Crap, now I'm crying again.

  2. Oooohhhh Cal I hope you find Winston soon!!!!{{{{HUGS!!!!}}}}
  3. I hope you find him soon. I can imagine how you feel. If my dog ever ran away I just couldn't take it.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you find him soon!
  5. I'm so sorry. I'll keep you both in my thoughts. Please let us know if you get any updates.
  6. Oh Cal, that is my worst fear. I'm awfully sorry you are going through this. If it makes you feel any better, I bet someone decent will bring her back to you. When I was a little girl, my parents frequently found animals and returned them to their owners (we lived in the suburbs so it always seemed like somebody's animal was getting away!)... best wishes and I will keep your kitty in my thoughts. Poor little critter!
  7. Winston come home! I know your heart is breaking but I bet those flyers will bring him home. I'm sending out good, hopefull thoughts to you.

    ETA- He is so beautiful!
  8. What a beautiful kitty! Keep putting up those flyers. It is likely someone found him and thought he was a stray. Hopefully they will see a flyer and call you. Come home kitty!
  9. Winston! "Where the bloody hell are you?" Get home now, Australia awaits.
    Hope he comes home soon, Cal.
  10. Cal, Can you get in touch with the local media? It's worth a try. I'm praying Winston comes home. :heart:
  11. Good wishes and prayers coming your way for the safe return of Winston!
  12. Aww I hope you find him!
    On a side note: My Moms cat's name is Winston!
  13. Sending lots of prayers for Winston's safe return! :heart::heart::heart:
  14. OH NO!!!! CAL!!! I am so sorry. Cats are so dang independent sometimes....I am sending lots of good vibes your way. I hope he comes back. You may want to think about that media idea----its a little bit of a story, since you are moving so far away....

    Just keep calling him, hopefully he will come back. He is really quite spectacular, hopefully he will bore of wandering and return soon.

    Try calling out for him very late at night, when i is quiet otherwise...I found my cat whiskers that way....he was on the other side of a fence and couldnt figure out what to do, the dope.

    good luck honey!!!

  15. Cal, how awful! You must be so stressed with the upcoming move without your adorable cat going missing. I'm really hoping he turns up, and am sending good vibes out.

    Cobalt's suggestions is good one. You voice would carry so much further without the usual daytime noises.