winona77 : for your eyes only... jk :)

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  1. :drinks: winona77, here are some pics of my Indigo Stella (3pic), Fuchsia Blake (2pic) & Eggplant Satchel (3pic) :heart:
    Indigo Stella 2w.jpg Indigo Stella 7w.jpg Indigo Stella 4w.jpg Marc Jacobs Fuchsia Blake a.jpg Marc Jacobs Fuchsia Blake 5 w.jpg Pic10 514w.jpg Pic10 517w.jpg Pic10 528w.jpg
  2. woW!! very nice!!
  3. Thank you :cutesy::P
  4. Soleil, I love the colors & styles, they are tooooo beautiful.
  5. WOW!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! I'm glad I didn't have to wait until this evening. These are some wonderful combinations of interior, stitching and leather colors! Good for you!!!
  6. ...oh and a big thanks! ;)
  7. :cutesy::heart:
  8. :love:
  9. Thanks bag.lover! I especially love the suede interior... smell yummy ~~ :love::lol::upsidedown:
  10. Wow great colors! i love the eggplant....
  11. The truest (sp?) eggplant color is shown in the middle photo of the second row. Hard to capture the irl color, sneaky eggplant huh?:ninja:
    My favourite is the dark indigo.. :tender::love:
  12. Gorgeous bags! I love the colors- especially the eggplant!
  13. Me too, I have this same bag and it's such a great deep dark blue with the perfect contrast suede and stitching.

    Nice photos...and the Eggplant is really cool...
  14. Hi Soleil,
    I remember you posted a elux pic of the eggplant color blake with the interior suede. I received my blake and the color is exactly the same as your eggplant satchel! It is a beautiful color! I need to thank you again for posting the pics because it made me very excitied to receive the bag. BTW, your bags are gorgeous! :tender:
  15. beautiful bags. I am looking @ an indigo mp because I love the contrast stitching.