Winner of the Lux Couture Zufi Alexander giveaway!

  1. A huge huge thank you to everyone for participating in the Zufi Alexander October giveaway sponsored by Lux Couture!!

    We have a winner!! The lucky number was 30, which was the entry for Leah411!

    CONGRATS LEAH411!!! Enjoy your new bag.

    Again, thanks to Lux Couture. If you want anything there, tell Sari that Megs sent you :tup:

  2. congrats LEAH....enjoy your new purse...tFP rocks!
  3. Congrats!!!!!!
  4. congrats :biggrin:
  5. OH MY!

    I was sprawled out here on my bed catching up on tPF, watching "Dancing with the Stars" and talking to my fiance on the phone (do we women multi-task or what? LOL) when I saw the PM from Megs and almost fell off the bed! Whoo-hoo!

    I NEVER win anything! Never! I'm soooo surprised!

    And my fiance is laughing at me over the phone because I'm acting like a little kid! (and I'm in my *cough* veeerrrry late 40s) LOL And he KNOWS how much I love purses because I drag him out to pet purses all the time, the poor thing! LMAO

    To let you all know what an extra-special surprise this is.....I am on a bag-ban that I seriously expect to be a life-time ban. My fiance needs a kidney transplant so there is NO extra money for ANYTHING. Even necessities are hard right now. And this situation isn't going to change for long, long, long time. So to win a bag at this moment....when I NEVER win

    Forgive my babbling, but I just can't believe I actually won something! LOL

    Thank you SO MUCH Megs and Vlad and LuxCouture! And ALL the lovely ladies at tPF! Besides allowing me to obsess about my favorite obsession (other than the fiance, of course!), tPF provides a terrific distraction from all the stresses we are going through right now. Thank you so very much!

    And, Megs....I'll respond to your PM now! lol
  6. We couldn't be happier that it is going to you!!! So thrilled, and so fitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congrats enjoy it
  8. Congrats!
  9. I hope that your new bag will bring you lots of joy! Congratulations Leah!

  10. IS making me say "holy crap!" about every two minutes!

  11. YAYYY congrats!
  12. Congrats! I'm so glad you won ~ sounds like it was perfect timing. :heart:
  13. Congrats on the bag! Best wishes for your fiancee's speedy recovery, I hope everything goes well.
  14. Congratulations, besure to post modelling pics when you get it :yes:
  15. congrats! :smile: x x