Wine Nikki Lining is Stiff!

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  1. Okay, I’m back after a brief hiatus. While I was gone I made a few RM purchases, one of which was the Wine Nikki. I love the bag, however, the lining of the bag feels a bit stiff. Have any of you Wine Nikki owners experienced this problem? I purchased the bag on ebay b/c it was a "hard to find" item at the time. I just want to verify that the bag isn't a knock-off.
  2. Could you perhaps post a pic??

    Is the lining the printed black and white floral????
  3. I heard that the newer lining is thicker.. than the old lining, therefore possibly causing the lining to be stiff. I'm sure with use.. within a couple days will soften up. Can you post pics of your nikki?
  4. There are at least 2 versions of the b/w floral lining that I know has a softer, smooth cotton feel and the other is a stiffer canvas.
  5. my wine nikki lining is the black/white batik and its not stiff at all
  6. The lining of the bag is the black and white floral and I have another nikki (yellow) with the exact same lining but the feel is a lot softer in this handbag. Mockinglee the lining does feel canvas like, so do you guys think this is something normal? Sorry can't post pics right now.
  7. ^FYI - I don't think RM bags have been FAKED yet, so I'm sure you got a REAL bag. The newer Wine Nikki's with old hardware are a bit more structured and stiff than those of the past.
  8. My Nikki has the stiffer canvas lining, but it was from a sample sale. I don't know if that makes a difference or why certain bags have certain fabrics. Maybe for a certain time they were using the canvas lining?