"Wind it Up" sunglasses

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  1. I found out Gwen wearing LV sunglasses in the "Wind it Up" music video. I personally like the design a lot, but it won't be good on me though. It comes with Black, Ivory, Fuchsia, and LT Tortoise. (louisvuitton.com) I think I like it black and LT Tortoise. :supacool:


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  2. I think the BLACK and WHITE are GORGEOUS! But the shape is quite masculine, hence the reason they look SOO EFFING HAWT on Matt! He has a pair, your should search him, he got the Black ones I believe.... YUMMY!!!
  3. i want the black ones i actually need them since i just lost my first ever pair of black raybans:crybaby: does anyone know how much they cost$???
  4. I tried that sunny the other day, it's hawt but I think Gina, Carre and soupcon GM looked so much better on me. I am so getting LV sunny next year :yahoo: :P
  5. The bindi's are too big for women, JMHO
  6. I think Gwen rocks them - I know I couldn't carry it off:smile:
  7. These sunnies are gorgeous! It'll be perfect for someone who can pull it off!
  8. It's around $600
  9. Is it heavy?
  10. It reminds me of scuba diving mask
  11. I'd rock the tortoise shell ones in a heartbeat! I wish someone would buy them for me since I don't see myself buying them for me. Heeheehee.
  12. i dont really like them. theyre too wierd shaped..
  13. $600 hu hmm that could get me like 6 pairs of raybans or a damier pochette i think im gonna get em!:nuts:
  14. They have a peridot or citrine in the bridge, that's why they're so expensive. I tried them on and they're sooo flimsy...But they are hotness.
  15. Those are hot but I think not for everybody!