Williams Sonoma outlet in Leesburg

  1. OMG, I just learned there's a WS outlet NEAR ME (well, about 30 miles from me)... ACK!!!

    Has anyone ever gone there? How is it? I'm wondering if it will be worth the trip some time after Christmas (like mid January or so). I don't need anything so desperately that I'm willing to fight the holiday shoppers! Or maybe I'll go on my bday as a present to me! LOL (Dec. 10th). Hmmm... TELL ME PEOPLE! LOL
  2. I love Williams Sonoma..they have one here and love to browse..but honestly some of her stuff is way expensive...love their italian breads though.
  3. Well, that's why I want to see if the outlet is any better! There are some things I've been eying, but I will not pay those prices! Yowzers!
  4. i remember i went to a williams sonoma outlet awhile back and wasn't impressed at all. i love their store, but the outlet had nothingi wanted at all.
  5. Hmm... is it set up a lot like th Pottery Barn Outlet - warehouse-like so that you can't see a lot of the stuff very well? I HATE that!
  6. it was just a mish mash or lots of stuff thrown together (i don't think i've been to a pottery barn outlet), and i found that a lot of the stuff they sold was stuff that id idn't even know they sold in their stores/catalog (lots of plates, cups, etc. but not the stuff i've seen in their stores).

    this is completely unrelated but i'm DYING to buy their mini doughnut maker it's super-cute!
  7. I went there about 2 years ago and got cite strawberry bowls for $1 or $2 and a baking set (jelly roll pan, muffin tin, 2 rounds) for $20 or $30. Decent deals!
  8. I've been to the Williams-Sonoma in Leesburg and it's a nice store. I could buy so many things there, if only I had my own place! They currently have a sale right now. If you're looking for X-mas stuff, they are all 40% off!
  9. I was just there last weekend and they had a lot of great stuff. I got a great, really large Christmas platter/shallow dish and a matching set of dessert plates for more then 40% off. They had tons of stuff with pretty good markdowns. The Crate and Barrel outlet there was pretty good too!
  10. When I used to live in VA, I went to the Leesburg outlets a lot, and the Williams-Sonoma outlet sometimes does have good deals, it's worth going to see! In general, the Leesburg outlets are great!!
  11. I've gone there, it's pretty big, lots of selection... wouldnt really know because I go to clothing stores most of the time while my parents browse there! Love their free samples though, haha!