Will you pay $9000 for a used shoulder birkin?

  1. someone is offering me a used shoulder birkin in red color for a price of $9000. Is it a reasonable price on the market?

    and what is the hermes store retail price?

    I am not sure should I accept the offer for the used i year shoulder birkin or wait for one from the store.. ( but i have no idea how long I have to wait LOL!)
  2. can you afford it? seriously think about it, your financial situation is not of my bussiness but i personally feel anything over 1000 should be well though over, (im assuming you have put an order in for a birkin) think how long it will take you to save for the new birkin and if they is enough time to recover/have the money? and most of all do you like thes birkin i.e. colour and leather etc. dont buy it cos its a good price or it just came up and you want to feed your inner hermes victim lol if you wait maybe it will be more delicous when you get it?
  3. true.. I dont really like the color ... but I think it sounds like a good deal.. But I got no idea the retail price on hermes store....

    I placed an order and I guess I have to wait around 2 years for it.. it should be enough time for me to save $$ for the shoulder birkin.. but if I get it now.. I might get into a bit of financial problem.. ( because I need to go on holiday at July) ..
  4. No, don't get into financial problem!!!!! Go for your holiday first and at the same time, save.:idea: :idea:
  5. i agree, dont buy anything you dont love! i have had money to buy a lv bag for almost a year now but im still deciding on which one i love most! what leather is it that really determins the price, plus wiegh it up birkin vs. holiday then reach a decision ;) good luck
  6. I think you made your decision already.
    Just make sure if you did buy it (change your mind) you really love everything about it. It is not worth getting into a financial situation over it. There will be another bag.
    You are very wise for not jumping on the purchase.
  7. Not if you don't love the color!
  8. personally, I like red (rouge vif 1st then rouge H and vermillion red), so I would get it. the color stands out much more than other neutrals. $9,000... a little high for a used JPG, but aren't all the pre-owned Birkins we've been seeing a little high? I've read that it is around $8500 retail.
  9. If you are not in love with the bag, then don't settle! Save for the two years so you can get the bag that you have always wanted! It will be so worth the wait!!!
  10. My vote is no. Get a bag in a color you adore. These bags are too expensive to "settle" for something "almost" good enough. Your bag will come and you'll be so glad to have waited!
  11. I'm with Greentea...wait and get what you truly love. Plus $9,000 is too high for a used bag assuming it is for common leather.
  12. it is a togo leather..

    hmm I think might be I should just wait for the store then, since red is not my favorite color.. and the price is a bit over the retail for a used shoulder birkin.

    I heard shoulder birkin is much easiler to get these days.
  13. I would not. But it is just me. I would rather not buy any used bag whether it is a birkin or not...
  14. I also say No Way! It's not about the cost. If it was your dream birkin then the $9000 is not so important. You don't want to be lookin at the thing for the next 2 years & thinking "if only I'd waited for the one I really love....." Don't settle, ChloeSS. You deserve better & it will be worth it!
  15. Hi ChloeSS, if you don't really like the color, don't buy it. You will end up with buyer's remorse & kick yourself real hard when you bump into the H bag you love. Drtng is right...I was offered a JPG Birkin a few weeks ago & the retail is about US$8,500.