Will you by a non-Chanel bag this spring?

  1. I know we had a thread on favorite non-Chanels but I was wondering if anyone was actually thinking of getting one for spring. Nothing in the spring line that I've seen so far is really knocking my socks off but maybe I have to see them IRL.

    If I decide to get another brand I may look at the new fabric Prada's. They have some really wild colors out and I think it would be fun to get one just for kicks (of course, the Prada copy factor drives me crazy).

    I'm also dying for a Loro Piana bag. I love LP clothing and accessories so I plan on doing a little homework on those. If they have a nice large fabric one maybe that would be a good pool bag.
  2. Ok, I'm an idiot.

    I mean buy not by.
  3. I have been so hooked on Chanel lately, I forgot there are other bags out there:nuts: So that is a no for me.
  4. I'm still waiting for the Spring/Summer lines to come out to judge whether I'd purchase something other than Chanel. So far the Chanel trunk show bags didn't appeal to me (well, some did, but $4-$6K wouldn't to my husband).
  5. ...CHANEL MANIA :nuts: :nuts: has come over me!

    All I want are Chanel bags since finding this forum and getting introduced to so many great styles.
  6. LV Sophie..... :love:
  7. probably not, but I never say never!

    Embarrassingly, I can't think of it's name, but there's a leather LV that I like, it's hobo shaped.
    Ehhh, probably wouldn't as I think it would fall over come to think of it.
  8. I will be getting an LV azur damier speedy 30! Cant wait!
  9. my other Love is Balenciaga ... now how weird is that! :upsidedown:
  10. azur speedy
  11. Nope, all of my hard earned money will go straight to Chanel. :p
  12. Besides a couple of Chanels (classics, not cruise or S/S), there's a Jimmy Choo on my "immediate" wishlist...not to mention a few others. :graucho:
  13. Chanels for me!

    It like I have all I want in LV and Choo's, but this Chanel craze has taken over!
    I want to sell some of my collection to get the Chanels I really really want.
  14. I'm waiting for a black Kelly...and I would love to own a slouchy classic Bottega Veneta bag in chocolate. Still haven't used my new medium classic flap though...
  15. Probably not. I do need a big black work tote and I thought about the LV Epi Passy (lightweight) but I know me, I will end up with Chanel.