Will Vegas stink up my bbag?

  1. Have any of you gals brought your bbags to vegas before? I'm a bit concerned because I'm worried about all that smoke smell permanently stinking up my bbag.:sad: My bag still has some of that yummy bbag leather smell that I wish to keep:p
  2. Mine was ok when I got home from my Vegas trip. I was worried as well but they both seemed to be fine. I did make an effort to stay away from someone that was smoking next to me.
  3. The ventilation in Vegas is great - I have never had a problem with any smoke smell
  4. never had a problem with my bags, just be sure not to sit next to a smoker
  5. i brought mine when i went last time, and all we did was sit in the casino..no shopping or walking around too much, and mine was fine. i brought it home and it still had the bbag smell to it.
  6. Thanks girls!!!
  7. i haven't been to vegas with my bbag, but i have taken it with me to bars that were quite smokey several times...

    my bag smelled a little for like half a day and after that the smoke smell was gone! and i didn't treat it or anything. it just aired out while carrying it the next day... so i wouldn't worry so much about that!
  8. I have had no problems taking mine to Vegas, Tahoe or Atlantic City...any and I mean if ANY smells occur (the casinos air recylcling systems are awesome)...they will air out in no time...it's really no different then taking any other bag...I have taken totally canvas bags with me and have never had a problem...(ok maybe a gambling one:roflmfao: )...I think the biggest problem is to walk into someone with a cigerette or cigar but that too would be with any bag, coat, etc that you carried...
  9. Mmmm....the rest of the people have had different experiences in Vegas than me. I don't find the ventilation systems to be adequate at all. My clothes and items always reek of smoke just from walking around the casino and other places. I have to go to Vegas at least 2-3 times each year and I have to have everything dry cleaned when I come back home.

    I do agree that some incidental smoke smell will probably go away within a few days, but don't take the bag if you don't want to take that risk.
  10. I agree. I always think my clothes are okay, until I get home and open the suitcase. The smell of stale smoke is disgusting.

    With that said, I have taken my bag, and others as well to Vegas, and there has never been a problem with them stinking like smoke.
  11. I just went to Vegas and took my Weeknder as my carry on but it was in my room the whole time but I did carry my black coin purse around and I was scared as well that it would smell but it was fine. I sniffed it ever night to make sure!:roflmfao:
  12. It might depend to some extent on where you are hanging out in Vegas. I think the older hotels still have the smokey smell more than some of the newer ones.
  13. I've brought my bag to vegas twice, no problems :supacool: :rochard: