Will u get Bubble Quilt for this Fall?

  1. After looking at the pictures from the Nordstrom trunk show, one bag that caught my eyes is the Bubble Quilt.. but it is so expensive, $3150!!! What do u think of this bag?

  2. not hot! :nogood:
  3. There are 3 of these in stock now at Saks in BALA ,PA.Very cute..But not my style.
  4. As I am not from the States, I need to order the bag from my SA. Can u advise how big is the bag? Is it heavy to carry? Thanks a lot!
  5. I'm not a fan of the bubble quilt. It scares me! Way too poofy. Chanel missed the mark on designing a bag to resemble bubble wrap. Keep it for packaging, NOT wearing!
  6. Not feeling this line at all especially since it is over $3k.
  7. :roflmfao: love that description roey! and ITA! not a fan, and definitely not for that price.
  8. not inlove with it too..

    The only bag that i love this fall is the light silver reissue in 226 and the modern chain tote!
  9. not for me...it looks kinda weird to me...I can't imagine myself with this type of bag...looks like a big chocolate bar:yahoo:
  10. Not my style, and the price is insane! :nogood: If it's something you like though, I do hope you manage to track one down! :smile:
  11. Thanks a lot for your comments! At least I can stop thinking about it and save $ for metallic black reissue 227! :yes:
  12. How about this Bubble Quilt without flap? Which one is better, the flap or without flap?

  13. My boutique has the flap and the style pictured above on the shelves. My SA didn't even bother to call me when the bags arrived because she knows my style. The bag reminds me of a puffy parka.
  14. :yes: I do like the bubble quilt without flap~ but over 3k.... :confused1:
  15. The bag is kind of cute, but it also looks like it has no shape at all, like it does not hold it's shape. And the price is really high too. Out of the 2 bags you've shown, I like the second one better, but I really don't care for this bubble style. A littlt too poofy.