Will These Fit?

  1. Can you ladies let me know if ALL of the following will fit into a Kelly JPG Clutch? TIA:flowers: .

    - Compact Wallet
    - Flat Cellphone
    - Keys
    - Lip gloss
    - Small round container of powder foundation
    - Makeup brush for the foundation
    - Purse spray
  2. that might be a tight squeeze, it may give the bag a lumpy appearance...best thing would be if you could go
    "try it out" in person...
  3. Darn ... what if I take out the wallet? I don't have a JPG Clutch near me and I'm on the hunt for a compact wallet (non-Hermes) ...
  4. I think that those would fit .i have not used mine yet but it is a good size:smile:
  5. Kou, I definitely think that would all fit!