Will there be MM of Damier Ebene Favorite?

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  1. Favorite in damier aure PM and MM show up on LV website already. I wonder if MM for Ebene will ever be made? Any input is welcomed. Thanks.
  2. I was wondering the same thing...
  3. I certainly hope so!
  4. i asked this question of several sa's a few months back and they all agreed it would ultimately be made in the mm. guess we'll have to wait and see for sure.
  5. any news?! :smile:
  6. It has been mentioned, by other SAs, that they would not produce that piece because of the Hoxton.
  7. This is what I heard as well.
  8. I really really hope they make the Favorite DE in MM. I'm waiting! The Hoxton is not as pretty as the Favorite, it looks more like a square messenger bag...