Will there be another discount coupon in the Fall?

  1. I really like one of the new Legacy bags, but probably won't get it unless I had a discount card. Any word on one being mailed in the Fall?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I'm not sure but I know the most recent coupon specifically excluded Legacy bags. :sad:
  3. i would assume that the next coupon, whenever released, would exclude all legacy bags again.
  4. Oh that's right, I forgot!
    Thanks so much!!

  5. I am not sure stores were following that exclusion (thanks for reminding me). There are alot of Legacy Bags on ebay. Only thing I can think of is the sellers stocked up on the other bags and are selling them at a profit and are willing to take a hit on the Legacy Bags.
  6. Legacy wasn't released until AFTER the last discount and I know we got many memos saying if Legacy was ordered, we would be in big trouble!
  7. They don't tell anyone when the invites are sent but my guess is early December if it's like last year.
  8. OK, thanks. I didn't see them in my store's book the day I went so I was wondering about all the sellers discounting the new bag.
  9. I feel better now, I thought I missed out on the latest coupon that went out. I thought I had been taken off the list! I feel better knowing I couldn't have used it on my legacy bag.
  10. What? A coupon? How do you get one?
  11. different requirements each time. i think we figured out last time you had to spend $250 in the boutique to get one.
  12. THANKS A LOT! i never knew about this.:yahoo:
  13. there are a billion wierd reasons. the main one that everyone knows in december goes to those who a) do spend a lot e.g. 250 (and this doesn't count if you exchange) and b) actually get all the info in, the same info, everytime. it's better to pay in credit because once that's establish, it pops right up! when i slide the card.

    some SA, if it's too busy, they tend to esc accidently, and that doesn't put you in or record you buying that item.

    some of them would just enter your name.

    and then there's me, a worker who did shop before working at coach, but not over 250, but definitely frequently...i got one during the region (different region, different times) one but i couldn't participate because duh, i'm an employee.

    and before anyone asks, an employee can only buy so much, that coupon is unlimited to number as long as its not more then three per item!