Will the Mabel be re-issued ??

  1. I desperately after a large black Mabel... I was wondering if they re-issue this bag at the beginning of each season or whether I've missed out.
    Thanks so much :flowers:
  2. Mabel is still going strong. You should still be able to get it from Mulberry. I'd give their customer services a call and they'll be able to tell you where it's being stocked in your area.
  3. Might they have black ones in the outlets if its a last season colour?
  4. Canopy in Derby had them in stock when I called last week..They can also check their sister branch in Nottingham for you. Delivery is £10..
  5. Thanks guys :flowers:

    Rachiem - are those outlet stores ? They are obviously in the UK... do you have their email address that I could contact them on, would they ship internationally ??? Thanks so much :heart:
  6. Its a fantastic leather shop, I love going in there, the staff are usually really friendly. Last time I was in there I asked about which of the new season Orla Kiely bags they were going to be getting in, and they let me look through their whole new season order catalogue! :tup:

    The website is www.canopyleathergoods.com

    I dont work for them or anything!
  7. I agree hulahoop, I ordered by phione, they rang as soonas the bag had been posted and then phoned 2 days later to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Great customer service!!