Will the gold lock tarnish?

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  1. Has anyone's gold lock tarnish their speedy? I just got the speedy azur and I'm afraid that the lock is going to tarnish the leather. Has this happen to anyone?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Yes, since it is actually brass, it can tarnish
  3. if you're afraid of it... discoloring the leather.. it won't. the hardware will tarnish, like twinkle said, it is polished brass and not gold.
  4. What makes the dark marks on leather then? I thought it was the tarnished brass marking up straps left buckled? No problem on my mono speedy lock left on the tab, but my old pieces with buckles have dark lines and all the hardware is uncoated brass.
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  6. The brass CAN dirty the leather, the best you can do is make sure you clean the brass peices regularly to stop them from transferring black to your leather, also always undo any buckles/locks etc when the bag is not in use and store everything separately in the dustbag. My denim baggy has already got buckle marks and its pretty new. Its always best to seal your leather with some kind of spray like appleguarde, I don't think it would STOP the black transferring from the brass but it would certainly slow it down.
  7. It'll tarnish, but you can always polish it up or keep cleaning it every so often so it won't darken the leather.
  8. You can polish the lock with Brasso.
  9. i think it will tarnish... im not sure though. none of my bags came with locks..
  10. Yes, the lock will darken the leather. Mine have done that and I've had my 35 for almost 2yrs now. Its just something that happens - 1. because the lock is brass. 2. -Leather absorbs.
  11. Yes, mine tends too and it's such a new bag :sad:
  12. I had polish the lock with Brasso every 6 months, it looks nice on all my speedy, and it won't stain the leather tab. Also if I ever want to sell my old speedy and get a new one, it will maintain a good price for the extra care. Between fair and good condition speedy bags can run $100-200 different on ebay.
  13. I took my lock off as soon as I noticed the leather getting discolored, and it seemed to go away on its own.
  14. :tup:Polish it with Mr. Metal by Goddard's. Works wonders.
  15. My lock on the nolita has tarnished. I like it. Gives it character.