Will the Dr. Q Groovee satchel in Nice Tan EVER come back in stock ANYWHERE?

  1. Does anyone know where I might find one in nice tan? :sad::confused1::shrugs::s

  2. Thanks, I saw that one, and I have purchased from that seller before, but based on the price of the last one she sold (something like $810!), I think I'd be paying over retail. Is eBay my only option?
  3. Have you tried calling the MbyMJ stores directly? I know that bordeaux was sold out, but the SA seemed to imply they might be able to find a nice tan or chocolate. Good luck. I'm sure you'll find one!
  4. Will it ever be back in stock in bordeaux anywhere that anyone is aware of? I've searched high and low, called around, went to different stores, on eBay, NOTHING.
  5. Btw, thanks Gung, I might just end up settling for the nice tan because I really like that bag.

  6. No prob! Will holler at you if I see a Bordeaux one!