Will some gucci expert please help me!!

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  1. Hi- i am new to tpf and have a gucci handbag that i need to know the name of- i must be retarded because the photo i have of it is too large for me to upload on here- help!!- i have tried numerous times- its a black gucci in the style of an lv speedy - leather with 2 big g's on the front that have a little bit of studs in them- its about 13.8 inches long - i know you probably need to see it- it reminds me of the blondie but a smaller shape with the 2 handles- if soemone could email me at plaic45@aol.com - i could send them a pic- i know this sounds crazy but i am in desperate need of help!! Please help me- i have researched all over the internet and cant find it- i know its like 2 years old- i saw it before on the gucci website under classics but now its not there-- i really appreciate it!!
  3. Any luck on finding out what type of purse this is? Just e-mail me pictures to: tigrlili15@aol.com.
    Hope I can help! ;)
  4. FYI: This is a public forum and posting your email is opening a window of opportunity for spammers to flood your inbox! Just thought you should be wary. It's better to use the pm function on the board. :yes: