Will pulse get a 2nd shipment of spiaggia?

  1. Does anyone know if pulse is getting a 2nd shipment of spiaggia? My BV came today and it is fantastic. A lot better than the stellina I got.

    But now I want adios surfing and he is cut off on my bag. I'm thinking now I want to get a denaro or caramella with him on it.
  2. I think they already did. For some reason I'm thinking they got a shipment on Thursday and another on Monday. Or am I imagining things?
  3. Pictures? :rolleyes:

    I think they said late May.
  4. They just got their 1st shipment last week. That would be pretty fast if they got a 2nd shipment of spiaggia already. I thought they were pretty much sold out of everything right now in the print?

    My dh digital cam is in the box. Never opened. I'll have to figure out how to use it sometime. Sorry.
  5. The printer that came with our digi cam is still in the box from Christmas time. I got dh to set up the camera for me but I am too afraid to touch the printer. It would be great to print some pics at home though.
  6. I think they already received a second shipment and I remember them saying they didnt receive any more denaro's in the 2nd shipment and they wouldnt be getting in any caramella's.
  7. Oh well! Thanks for the info ladies. Maybe I'll see if one turns up on eBay sometime.
  8. Yes, they did have their second shipment already, I think it was Monday or Tuesday. They even got Bambino's in this time...I wanted a smaller bag and got my chance & snagged it.
  9. Hmm, a bambino would be cute but it is over $100. More than I want to pay right now. I guess I will just wait and see. I don't have to have it.
  10. I feel so left out:crybaby: I have to wait until next month to get the Spiaggia. But since that worked out ok for the others I've gotten from Pulse, I'm crossing the fingers and hoping for the same luck this time.
  11. It's $8 over $100 lol...not that bad :biggrin:
  12. It is more than a denaro or caramella. Which is what I would really want. I just bought a BV in this print. So I've already spent too much, ha! ha!
  13. Blackwidow they did get their second shipment, Jess is right. They said NO caramellas or denaros tho :sad:
    I'm glad you like your BV much better!! :graucho:
  14. Blackwidow -- ohh, ok yes dont spend more, just wait for a caramella or denaro lolz. i forgot you already bought a bv hahah.
  15. By the time you figure out how to use that thing, it'll be outdated!:lol: you've been saying that for 2 months now BW!!! do it do it do it!!!!!:yes: