WIll Neiman's or Bergdorf's be getting turquoise?

  1. Does anyone know if NM or BG bought turquoise for s/s? If they did, did they only buy it in sgh and gh or did they buy rh too? TIA!
  2. I don't think Bergdorf has ever carried Balenciaga; in NYC it's just Barneys and BalNY. Sorry not sure about NM.
  3. HAHA, Shasta I am getting impatient too for the new spring colors! I think Aloha Rag may get the Turquoise...It's so tough to decide on a blue that will go with everything!
    I'll let you know if I hear of any:flowers:
  4. NM Tysons seems to get most of the colors in bags. Accessories selection is minimal. I'll ask them about Turq next time I go, which will be soon I'm sure!