Will I lower the shipping?? NO!!!!!

  1. [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Ah, the joys of selling. :roflmfao: I've got a couple of purses listed. A potential buyer asked me about shipping to Canada. I used eBay's shipping calculator and gave him a total. I added $2.00 in for the actual box. $2 only. doesn't account for if I'll need foam peanuts, etc...none of that. The box isn't a small box, 'cause it's not a small purse.[/FONT]

    However, the possible buyer emailed back that he felt the cost was expensive since the bag isn't new, doesn't have tags and is empty. He then asked me if that was my best "offer." WTF!! Mind you...the cost is only $5 more than domestic shipping unless the buyer chooses parcel post domestically.

    So....I sent him this.:graucho:
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    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Whether the bag is new, has tags and empty?? has no bearing on what shipping will cost. The fact is that the USPS charges per size of box AND weight. Weight is NOT the only factor. This is not a small purse, therefore, the box won't be all that small. I'm not going to mangle the bag or fold it just to get it in a smaller box, which only MAY get it somewhere cheaper.
    Add to the fact that Canada is still considered international, though we reside on the same continent. As you reside in another country, I must add insurance and signature confirmation in order to be protected under paypal and eBay. That is the only way I will ship.
    So, that leaves you two options: understand that I'm not making money off shipping and that I send items through the mail the way I expect to receive them (well packed and secure with appropriately sized packaging) and bid, win, and pay the shipping for a great bag. Or don't bid.

    I don't wish to haggle about something I can not change. I could send the box Parcel Post (which is cheaper), but you are not in the States and therefore are ineligible for that.
    It's unfortunate that you feel it's okay to disparage a bag and the way it would be shipped since it's not new...however, I take care of my bags and my business.

    I hope you still feel inclined to bid. If not, good luck in your ebaying.

  2. Ish....Block Her...IMO.
  3. Sorry about the buyer. I too only charge what it costs. I would understand his request to lower shipping were you overcharging, but clearly you are not. I don't know what to tell you other than there are some dumba**es out there. lol
  4. sheesh ~ block him... sounds like trouble even if he does bid. sorry you are having that problem...
  5. I once has someone inquire about shipping to Canada for a Coach wallet. I checked USPS and told them the price, they responded with " I just received something from the States the same size for $2". YA OKAY.....WHATEVER.... I can't ship in the States for under $4.60!
  6. Geez. I liked your email though, I wish I could think that straight sometimes when I'm overly annoyed/angry!

    Most recently a buyer emailed me about a magazine she was interested in buying in addition to one she already bid on. The shipping was $3 and she wanted to know if there was any way to combine shipping on the two (which only sold for .99 apiece, NOT a big deal). I already stated in the auction that additional items would be .50 extra (the magazines are fairly light and I just put them in the same envelope anyway) and she still wanted to know if I could ship them cheaper. :rolleyes:
  7. ugh, people haggling on bidding is obnoxious.

    as a buyer, it is disappointing to see when you're charged $12 for shipping, and actual shipping was a little over $5, but you do have to take into account going to the post office, supplies, etc. people don't always think about this because they're so hellbent on getting a "good deal."

    that said, the shipping is there! if you don't like it, don't bid!

    your email was top notch, btw!
  8. This is not a freaking garage sale... block the bidder as from the signs already you may be in deep doo doo if they do bid and win. Also, USPS is now making you use Priority to ship to Canada also and it's costing a butt load.
  9. Doesn't the buyer understand that a used bag is no small or lighter than a new bag? Unbelievable.

    At the end of the day if the buyer doesn't like your (reasonable) shipping cost, then they have the choice to buy elsewhere; that's what this person should do, rather than bother you.
  10. I can't believe someone actually said that. I would block that person from bidding because he/she sounds like they'll give you more trouble later.
  11. I have to say that your explanation was very well put!!

    I have grown to really hate eBay lately. I had a pair of premium denim jean capris listed (citizens of humanity) that I bought for $160, wore twice and they still looked brand new. I had the auction started at $80 and I got an email from someone saying "they sell those brand new for $80 at the store by my house, just thought you should know since they have no bids".

    UGH! okay lady #1. I'm not a retail store, I can't afford to drop the prices that low, it's at least 50% off!! #2. If you think it's a better deal elsewhere, then go buy them there! #3. if they're selling that low brand new, they are most likely fake while mine are authentic! #4. do I know you?? did I ask for your opinion?? NO, THEN SHUTUP!!

    people on ebay annoy me! so I relist it like 3 months later and start it at $60............guess how much they sold for....................$80!! SO THERE STUPID LADY!!
  12. I had a seller state that the shipping was $7 for PRIORITY, then the jerk ships it to me first class and it only cost him $1.35.............that PISSED ME OFF! I don't mind if you charge a handling fee but saying you're gonna ship it one way and charge for that way then ship it another is lying and ripping people off!
  13. Great response to a ridiculous question - have you heard anything back yet?

  14. OMG that reminds me of this idiot who emailed me about a week ago on a virtually brand new pair (ONLY worn a couple of times, clean footbeds and barely any wear on the bottoms) of pumps I bought for $22 at Charlotte Russe that I'm selling..here's her email: "Are these shoes leather??? If not, $9.99 is pretty high for a pair of used man made material shoes from Charlotte Russe!"

    UM OK? :cursing:

    And here's another one from ANOTHER pair of shoes I'm selling (the pics are great and show that the only wear to the shoes are on the bottoms): "Are this shoes in the same condition as in the pictures?"

    Of course they are!! :noggin:
  15. Unfortunately many eBay buyers nowadays treated eBay as garage sale. I usually laughed at those requests and replied as "Thank you for your kind offers/suggestions." then move on.