Will Hermes verify authenticity on a bag without cleaning it?

  1. I was just wondering if you could go into the store and have them authenticate your bag for you?
  2. As far as I know...no. :s
  3. My store will not...
  4. Nope! But you can leave it for a cleaning OR a monogram and if they take it, then it's the real deal.
  5. Try taking it for a monogram if it doesn't need cleaning/repairing!
  6. You know I really think if you are an established customer they might. When I was duped on eBay (I paid top dollar for a Birkin that was shipped from Monaco) I ran to the Hermes boutique and they authenticated it for me. I hadn't bought a ton of stuff at that boutique and yet they did it. This was close to 7 years ago and the policy MAY have changed. The boutique was in Vancouver.
  7. They adamantly refuse to "provide authentication services." However, if you take it in asking them what kind of leather or what color it is, they're going to tell if you if it's a fake. They won't say "That would be togo if it were real, but I can't say unless you leave it for cleaning." Even if it's togo and you know it's togo, you can always say "Is this clemence?"

    So, you don't actually have to pay for a cleaning, but if you go in the store a lot, in my mind it's the least you can do to leave it for a $50-$80 cleaning after they've assured you your $5,000 or $10,000 bag is truly authentic.:smile:
  8. Officially, they cannot. But my friend asked me to go there and check because she was too embarrassed had her Kelly been a fake and 2 SA's (including mine) plus the manager said "It's not just a fake, it's a BAD fake" :wtf:
  9. ^^^ OOOuch. Harsh! But thank goodness they told you the truth.
  10. Eeks!! That's my nightmare!:sad:
    Did you think that your friends Kelly was authentic or were you pretty certain it was fake before they confirmed it to be?
  11. That is BRILLIANT!!!