Will Coach outlets do this?

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  1. Let someone prepay for a bag and pay Coach to ship it elsewhere? A reverse kinda charge send I guess

  2. you can go to a store pay for an item and have them ship

    I have done it for other TPFes before
  3. Me for one...thanks again my Queen~~:worthy:
  4. Sweeeet so I just need to sweet talk one of u ladies into watching out for my tote :grin:
  5. which one r u looking for?
  6. Aubergine patent tote. If I dont see one tomorrow I cant make it back until the middle of october :smile:(
  7. I am looking for the Terracotta Lindsey. If anyone sees one, let me know!
  8. hi there. have u tried Jackson 732-9284135. they do charge send..
  9. No but I will tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. great! good luck... hope you'd be able to score one... ( ", )
  11. I would like to comment on this just so others can be forewarned. Make sure you have the cash in hand before helping someone out. I almost got caught holding the bag a few years back (pun intended).

    Someone was looking for a certain bag and I found a few for her (just by accident). I told her where they were and she asked me if I could get one for her. Luckily I told her she had to hold the bag and send me the cash before I would get it for her.

    She changed her mind so it was a good thing I did not run out and buy it for her.

  12. You are very welcome