Will caviar change color under long time of sun exposure ?

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  1. I live in texas and it can get really hot and sunny. Will they fade or darken?
  2. Almost anything will. Towels left outside in the sun on my lounge chairs are a different color within 2 days if I leave them out. Anything w/ prolonged sun exposure will change.
  3. If in direct heat then yes,depends on your climate,a beige caviar,can stay the same colour for years,but im tslking about british wheather,no idea,what happens in hot climate

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  4. In my experience Patent leather especially the light ones change colour, could darken and look quite different. I dont think anything will happen to caviar unless u leave it in the sun..
  5. I don't understand why anything but a car, a house, etc. . . things like that would have "long time sun exposure"? I'm pretty confused lol