will a razr fit in a cles (mono)? thanks!

  1. plus a lic., cc, some $?
  2. No.:sad: Just lic., CCs and some $$$ but no phone.
  3. Nah... never.
  4. okay, thanks! i think i'll get a vernis one, then. that should hold a lic., cc, and $, right?
  5. Nope.
  6. the vernis cles is even smaller than the mono cles............since it is real leather (and its patent), you will probably be able to fit a card and some coins, and maybe a dollar at the most..........
  7. if you want something thats gonna hold a phone, then get the perfo cles, if you can find one.......

    if you cant, then your best bet (just to hold cc, cash, and coins) is a mono, a damier, or a damier azur
  8. ^ really? a vernis one won't hold a few (three) cards and some $?
  9. The vernis doesnt really strech............does anyone have pics??
  10. i dont have pics, but it holds 3 cards. im pretty sure.
  11. I heard in another thread that the Vernis Flat Pouch can hold everything you want, including the RazR. But The availabilty of getting a Flat Pouch might be difficult compared to a Cles.
  12. i have pictures that shows a vernis cles holding 2 cards bills and coins....un momento por favor...
  13. ^ thank you! (i lve the pomme pouch, btw!)