Wide Feet w/bunions, stay away from Low-Cut French Soles??

  1. I am hoping to purchase a pair of French soles online. The "low-cut" seems younger and sexier and has more leather and color varieties than the "simple cut".

    Is it true that the low-cut is only for narrow feet? I am size 23.5cm (USA 7.5) and my widest part on my feet is 10cm (approx 4 inches). Much as i am tempted to buy the low-cut, I am afraid the low-cut would stretch out so much that it goes over the sole.

    What do you french/london sole owners think? Should i just stick to the "simple" cut? Also, are these ballet flats true to size? Thanks for your help in advance!:wlae:
  2. no one here owns a pair of french sole????
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