why you should order from Net-a-porter...

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  1. okay I know this will sound silly; but, I am sure there are some US gals who may be apprehensive to order an expensive handbag from an overseas supplier.

    I too was hesitant; but, nep-a-porter, or NAP as we refer to them is world-class.

    Here is an example and then that should be enough:

    I ordered a pair of pants (okay not a bag; but I did get my Paddy from NAP back in December). I ordered the pants on the 20th; they told me there would be a packaging delay due to their clearance sales; okay no biggie.
    They ship said pants yesterday 1-25-2006 from LONDON.
    I get said pants today 1-26-2006.

    Yes ladies, ONE DAY SHIPPING - from London to Colorado. That is ****ing amazing (I ship car parts for a living, and I can't do that).

    Did I order next day air? No, I did not; they charge you standard shipping; but, no shipping on large orders, my paddy I paid no shipping and I had that puppy in 2 days (right before christmas, more time to clear NY).

    Okay that is my plug for NAP - if you want a bag and they have it in stock and none of your local stores do, then go ahead and order - I waited a week for Neimans to ship me my IN STOCK Silverado Dr bag (and I paid for Next day air shipping on that order).
  2. Sorry That Was Meant To Spell Nap Rocks
  3. Wow! good to know :smile: thanks.
  4. I ordered a sweater from them ages ago and it came super fast and their packaging is extraordinary!

    Has anyone had reason to return something to them? How easy is that?
  5. Hi Everyone,

    I also think they are great -- but, I did have one horrible experience with them. And, I wanted to share it as a word of caution. I ordered a very expensive sweater, it didn't fit, so I sent it back DHL -- their preferred carrier. DHL "lost" it for a couple of weeks -- but, it actually looked like it was gone for good since DHL couldn't find it. So, I talked to Amex and disputed the charge, just to cover myself. Well, NAP tried to do all this dodgy stuff -- like saying they couldn't refund the $ unless I cancelled the dispute. Something that isn't true at all -- and, all of the reps I spoke with at Amex said that was fishy. Anyway, while that was going on, I tried to order something else, and they said they couldn't send me it unless I promised to never dispute something again!

    Luckily, Amex resolved things and gave me the credit, but the whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth. Before then, they were awesome. So, just be careful, ladies!
  6. half.com will blacklist you if you dispute something instead of going through their means, as well. i agree it's kinda shady.
  7. :love: NAP :love: Fast overseas shipping, good customer service!
  8. Hi All,

    Sorry if I am off topic, but does anyone happen to have a bluefly coupon code? I see a pony hair tote that is adorable but totally out of my budget ;-(
  9. WOW... that's such a SUPER fast service!! No wonder they're so popular.