Why you love Michael Kors bags?

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  1. I saw one that was approaching the size of a small cross body bag. Crazy.
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  2. A sunglasses case approaching the size of a purse? Wooow that’s way too crazy
    Really I don’t get why they do that.
  3. I work in optical and also have no clue why they make all the cases huge. You should look up Harley Davidson sunglasses cases, they're like bricks! I like smaller crossbody bags and always have to carry a pair of sunglasses, Rx or plano depending on if I'm wearing contacts. I use either fabric drawstring cases (for my cheapie sunglasses) or slim eyeglass pouches, the ones that you squeeze on either side to open. Both are very slim and lightweight options so good for putting in your bag. I don't stuff my bags, either, so they don't get crushed or bent out of shape.
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  4. For me I just love the bags. That’s simply it, I have bought 3 of his more expensive bags and they are beautiful
    I think I’m quite picky with my bag choices so I only buy bags that I feel will still be apparent in years to come.
    Maybe one day I’ll own that white quilted chanel crossbody of my dreams ( not likely ) but until then I can’t see why I would spend hundreds more on handbags , for a more luxurious name, when I fall completely in love with every mk bag I buy. I expect the feeling of buying a new bag is the same whether it’s 1k or £100.
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    That’s so good, his expensive line is really beautiful too. MK does really nice bags for both of his brands. You dream with the classic Chanel I dream for the Alma BB.

    I already owned two Rebecca Minkoff Chanel style bags.
    so I got the need of the Chanel out of my system I re sold them after using them for some time so don’t feel the need to get the Chanel that much anymore now I want the LV Alma BB and that one is way harder to get one with the same feel or a very similar style.

    Don’t get me wrong luxury bags are always gonna be special but if it’s hard for us to afford them, sometimes getting something similar helps.

    Now with my two MKs I own. I have the YSL feel to them.
    My Whitney Stachel reminds me to the Cassandra top handle purse while my Mercer reminds to the SDJ.

    Some see that as a fault or a bad issue with Mk but I do love how he does sort of copy high end designers for his Michael by Michael Kors bags. It feels like having lux for less.

    Long time ago i owned the Grayson because it reminded me to the Speedy 25.
    So yeah I go hunting for inspired by bags love the feeling of it crazy but I love that.
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  6. I love the versatility. I can comfortably carry my MK bags to work, or running around on a weekend. They don't look too casual with work clothes, or to fancy with jeans on the weekend, and no problem taking an MK bag to Church on a Sunday morning. A twenty year old could carry an MK bag and so could a 60 year old. And gotta love the prices - especially on sale!
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  7. Yes yes yes to all this, it’s like I was saying this
    You read my mind
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  8. It’s silly what they do by giving people such unpractical cases, I think the Ray Ban case it’s one of the better ones but still can get a little bulky but it’s soft case is one Of the most practical.

    you say you put your sunglasses on the strings pouch the ones that look a bit like the dust bags with your purses. Are they safe can’t they go broke on those little bags. ?
    I’m asking this because I’m thinking of putting my ray Bans there and working on an optic makes you an expert
  9. Beautiful, simple, affordable, and great quality. I went into a spell of buying Target bags, which were cute, but they'd always break within a few months. No more. Michael Kors bags seems sturdy. I just bought my first one since I sold two that were too small for me. I already have many more I want to buy.
  10. Sorry for the late reply! I use the flimsy drawstring fabric ones for my cheap sunglasses, but a harder pouch for my rx sunglasses. For example, this is what I use for rx:


    They're still slim enough to fit in a small bag, but the material is like a canvas, sort of. Thick enough I don't have to worry about something sharp poking through the fabric to scratch the lenses. Of course, it wouldn't protect the glasses if they were stepped on or something, but for being in a bag that isn't overstuffed, they work great. I can't see my glasses breaking in them, but if you overstuff your bag and there is constant pressure or something, the glasses might get somewhat bent out of shape.
  11. I was at MK yesterday and tried this bag - again a really good product, nice color etc.
    The ghw really looked nice. IMG-20191016-WA0006 - Kopie.jpeg
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  12. They look pretty good and I never over stuff my bags so I might get one of those to put them on my bags and they won’t feel heave or like they could harm my bags