Why you love Michael Kors bags?

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  1. #16 Aug 31, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
    I know exactly what you mean. I have a couple bags where this new wristlet is a tight squeeze, especially trying to fit it into the center zip section of the purse, so it won’t work. And it does make the bag heavier. :sad:

    I used to pop my previous wristlet in any purse and it served as my wallet or stand alone wristlet, and I liked doing that. I don’t regret getting the double zip but it’s not as transportable and universal as the old one was.

    I don’t have the Mercer but would guess that the double zip will not fit, based on my experience with the wristlet. My previous wristlet probably would have because it was thinner and not as big and wide.

    I too don’t want to have to keep changing things from wallet to wallet, etc. Lately I’ve been on a handbag and wallet kick to rethink my lifestyle so to speak, to make things easier and simpler for me. I’ve been finding some good deals. A few days ago I ordered what’s called the medium slim wallet from MK that has a little card holder also (a two-piece item) on sale for $41. It’s a very lightweight little slim wallet with a credit card thin insert that can be removed and moved from bag to bag, and also put it in the wristlet easily. I will keep my cards there, then move this thing from purse to wherever. I’ll see how that works out. They are running their Labor Day sale, as are the outlets this weekend. (I see they also have some double zip wallets for around $49!! But not all. Click on the main sale banner to see what is on sale.

    I love my bags but sometimes my arm and shoulder will hurt. I try not to carry such heavy weight these days. I have a couple Kors that are are on the heavy side with nothing in them. I see a lot of use for this new little wallet coming my way, not only using it in the heavier bags instead of the wristlet, but on its own and I would carry my phone separately if I want. In fact the whole little wallet is so thin it would fit in a flat wristlet or even a belt bag. The cards, license etc. will stay in the insert and can go from place to place without having to unpack everything if I change to the wristlet.
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  2. #17 Aug 31, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
    In fact the slim wallet might be a nice option for you if you carry the Mercer a lot. Or maybe since the Mercer already has the slots you don’t need it, but my thought was to be able to have the cards in a transferable item. It will fit anywhere, and I can’t imagine it adding any weight. It will even fit in a lot of pouch wristlets.
  3. I just had my first mk bag this month and I paid a bargain for it. I’m really satisfied with the quality and design considering what I paid for. So now I’m an mk fan :smile:
  4. Oh, I should add that when I mentioned my shoulder sometimes hurting that it wasn’t only MK bags. I have a few other offenders as well! Problem is that I do love them. Just wish bags weren’t so heavy.
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  5. I will definitely check the Labor Day sales and in case I don’t get any great discounts I’ll look for the end season sales. Those are the best especially if you wait almost at the end that’s how I got my most recent bag. I got it like 6 months or less so I feel a little guilty to get the wristlet now.

    I prefer so Save a little longer and then go for it. Right now my wallet is really comfortable and practical. It’s from Bimba y Lola a brand from Spain which is really good. It’s a nylon coin purse but with enough space for cash and a few cards.
    And fits everywhere.
    So really getting the wristlet is just a whimp, not something I really need or dying to get. Just very interested lol
    I’ll think about it since I got your excellent review but I’m not so sure it’s time
  6. Thanks so much, I already carry a very practical coin purse which is made of nylon so it’s really light and spacious. Maybe not as pretty as a leather wallet but its still it’s nice and like I said practical.

    And I use the the card slots of the Mercer for parking tickets.

    Where live every mall has a parking ticket you pay at end where you are out so you have carry that thing the whole time and here is where the cards slots included in the bag come to be the best thing they could have added to a handbag.
  7. Haha, so funny - in any way, it worked. It got me interested in a Mercer bag, but a satchel, not the accordeon-type. But some are writing, that it is too heavy. I also like the quilted whitney, so I have to visit a MK store :smile:
  8. It depends on the leather you choose. But mostly I don’t find it that heavy and the Whitney is also gorgeous
    I have both the Whitney stachel and the Mercer Crossbody I suggest both. Not to get both the same day but either one you get is a great choice

    Both incredibly versatile and easy to take them from day to night. With both I went the medium size. Though with the Mercer that can be a little confusing. Since the have medium crossbody and the medium tote.

    so yeah it’s better to go an Michael Kors, feel them and try them on.
    I said an Michael store you can also go to any Macy’s or Nordstrom and see them there too.
  9. So no I am a convert. I love the Whitney large shoulder bag in grey and in sea coral. And I love the voyager totes: They are so versatile and have details no other label thought of. I am impressed. Also the quality seems really good. I am putting together a list and prioritization and will start looking for good offers. Although the normal prices are reasonable.
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  10. Yes, the Whitney shoulder bag is really beautiful and versatile, my only problem with the Whitney shoulder bag version( the one with the chain) is the space inside my sunglasses wouldn’t fit in it but it’s a stunning bag.
    The voyager is a very good tote though I’m not much into totes but if you need one the voyager looks really good. Anyway please if you get one it would be cool if you show it to us here hehe.

    With the Whitney I was first suggesting the stachel since it’s the one I have but the shoulder bag is a beauty too. My sister has that one. (The Whitney shoulder bag with the chain) and it’s so pretty it looks great with everything the only problem is not spacious enough for the sunglasses.
  11. I think so too: When i take a handbag, it has to fit everything I need + some small groceries or a sandwich etc. So I thought about the satchel too. More thinking to do :smile: I tried the magaux satchel by Kate Spade and I like the three compartments. So maybe the Mercer still is an option. Thank you for your experiences :smile:
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  12. I’m just ok with everything I need which is not much: my sunglasses, my coin purse/mini wallet Phone, a lipstick or gloss and hair bands hehe.

    I’m quite a minimalist when it comes to what I carry on my bags.

    I think you go out happier that way and you find everything you need better that way. My only problem with my handbags space is my sunglasses. I’m thinking of getting a medium soft pouch for them. Right now I have them in it’s original case which is not super bulky or big but I still want something a little smaller so i don’t find myself limited in the bags I choose to buy.

    I don’t buy often a bag, but if I don’t want to feel limited to choose bigger bags because my sunnies won’t fit
  13. completely off-topic, sorry, but: I don't get why designers construct these huge sunglass-cases. My sunglass-case from ralph lauren is big and heavy, almost heavier than my wallet.
  14. Yep, I’ve wondered that too.
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  15. Agree with both is stupid how they do that, probably they think those protect their sunglasses better from getting scratches on your handbags.

    The best cases are from Ray ban they are the most practical cases. but I wished all fashion used slimmer cases so you can throw them in your purse.
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