Why you love Michael Kors bags?

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  1. im curious what all of you guys like about this brand . What makes you go for this instead of Kate Spade or Coach.

    My reasons

    1 price and Sales : of the three it’s the one which has the best season sales, you get really good prices when you get them on sale and still you buy a very good quality bag.

    2 versatility it’s so easy to dress it up and down, they are bags you can wear them on a night out with a cute dress or be your everyday bag with Jeans.

    3 young but classic. They are bags that look good with every girls age but also look very classic. Coach sometimes is a little too boring and Kate Spade too much for teens.
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    The sale prices put them in a league of their own. Easily found sales at $75-$135, they beat anything that range.

    Their availability. They are in most department stores and past seasons show up in TJ Maxx. I don’t have to drive far to get an idea of what the items look like.

    The functionality. Like the pockets inside and out, and the key strap inside. It’s thoughtful.

    The wide range of styles. Personally I love the bold street styles but still a sophisticated edge. I’m definitely looking at the neon checkerboard stuff right now.

    I also love the different leathers, hardware, and locking mechanisms. I’m a tactile person and love to have different purses incorporating these.

    I like to have multiple purses to be ready for different occasions. I’m not out a lot of money to do that. Plus, I don’t have to worry about a purse being lost or damaged because they don’t cost significantly. I’d be sad because I loved the purse but that’s a different story.

    I posted this accidentally early so I’m sure I’m missing plenty of things I enjoy.

  3. So true to all of that, I created this thread but you mentioned much better than I why this brand is my favorite contemporary brand.
    How didn’t I mentioned all the treatment leathers they have: my faves are the staffiano and pebbled leather though they have some really good ones with smooth leather.
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  4. Thank you for the thread!

    I have been enamoured with the crinkle leather of last fall's line particularly the quilted designs. I ended up with a Whitney backpack in the quilted crinkle leather in February and it's been my go to bag since. So much love. The pebbled leather has been lovely in my purses. And the smooth leather has impressed me by holding up against scratches. I have a wallet that looks so good even getting tossed around in my purses.

    I used to love Kate Spade most, but Michael Kors won me over a few years ago. For me, KS's creativity went on autopilot while MK got more daring. I got out of purses for awhile and MK is what drew me back. Also KS used to be hard for people in my area to identify and I liked that. And now I have ended up with quite a few MK purses that can only be identified by holding the purse or being very familiar with the brand. I like to have people start a conversation with me about what I'm wearing and people usually dont do that if they think you are wearing something that costs out of their budget.

    Coach just isnt me. I have some Coach card wallets that are more perfect than anything else of similar design. And the turnlock mechanism is so lovely. But the style doesnt feel like me. And their functionality doesnt work for me.

    I used to really love Marc Jacobs and some of the older Marc by Marc Jacobs, but I havent seen anything new I wanted in almost a year.

    Botkier got my attention again last year with their Moto line. I've deeply loved those items I have found and hope something similarly intriguing comes out this fall/winter.
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  5. I’m not so much into back packs, they feel quite insecure like they can steal your wallet or phone without noticing, they look very cute and light but I’m scared about backpacks.

    The whole Whitney line is gorgeous I have the satchel in The smooth leather and love it, I also wear lot my Mercer Crossbody and I’m crazy about it in pebbled leather I think it’s so resistant and you can’t notice a scratch.

    I’m not into getting a lot bags at the same. Just two and if get bored I re sell them and another two but I’m not into making big collections.

    Coach has a very practical lock mechanism, very easy to open and close but a little too boring.

    Kate spade it’s too bold too shiny.
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    I like most of MK primarily because of the clean lines. I don't like all the designs, but I do most of them. I take good care of my stuff, but with the MK leathers I don't feel like I have to be so careful like if it starts raining, etc. I have a few Dooneys, and on one, the leather blackened in spots because of accidental water that got on it, so now I'm more cautious to wear them. I don't feel I have to worry about the MK like that.

    I'm big on traveling light around town, so I really, really love the MK phone wallet wristlet. I've had three of them (because of different phone sizes over the years) and every single one still looks new, the wrist strap and all. I think they are very durable and classy looking.

    Lately I've been into the whole handbag, wallet, etc. thing again, looking, reading here in the forum, etc. For the last few years I wasn't paying much attention to them. Goes in spurts with me, I guess. I found a couple good deals at Marshalls and in the outlet, and just bought a little item at the MK labor day sale, so prices are another plus for MK.

    One more thing I'd add about MK is that I"m not a fan of logo bags of other designers, Coach, etc. I do have one Coach little wristlet, and it doesn't bother me. But along with LV, MK is the only other one I do like. It's just well done IMO. The others are just a no for me and look more cheap or a bit obnoxious.
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  7. Interesting question: I don't have a MK bag yet because I feel like they are too common. But: anytime I see a woman with a bag and I think: oooooh, this bag looks nice and I approach her, it is always a MK-bag because they have a lot of minimal styles in nice colors (especially nice grey and beige colors, also I like some of these rosé gold chain bags). Still, I can't get myself to buy one.... yet.
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    I think if you like the bag, there is nothing wrong with it being a common high-visibility brand. To me that just means you chose something popular... that others like it too. :smile: That could be for many reasons. Price, availability, the style, etc.

    On the flip side of common, a unique and rarely or never seen bag could also mean that no one liked it. Just joking (sort of).
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  9. Well whenever you can get one go for the black or neutral colors. That’s what I always do. I don’t buy often handbags so when I do get one. I look for a bag that I can always wear so I essentially I go for the black hehe.
    The only MK I’ve bought in a different color was a medium Mercer in hunter green which I did wore a lot but I always go for the safe ones
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  10. So true they have very durable leathers and it’s true you don’t feel like you need to baby them. Maybe I do feel like it with my smooth leather bag but with pebbled leather I don’t worry much.

    I’ve been interested in getting their phone wristlets but I’ve never gotten one.
    Which one you have right now, the double zipper wristlet.?
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  11. That's so true! Well said. Today I looked at a Mercer because someone in this forum said, it looked like the sac du jour. The quality of the bag felt good, better than Kate Spade and it had a great functionality...
  12. I think it was me who said so because I’ve been promoting this bag like crazy, I promise I don’t work for MK it’s just I got mine and I love it. It does look a lot like the Sac de Jour but half the price.
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    Yes! I have the double zipper wristlet. I had debated between the MK outlet version with the saffiano leather or the Adele smooth leather which had a gold logo plate. I loved the smooth leather of the Adele, which I did see in Macy's, but then I started to think about durability. Wallet leather can tend to get rubbed off and look a bit tattered over the years.

    My previous 2 wristlets had a saffiano interior and strap. One was a zip-around that had a gold logo plate on the front and the other one closed with a gold snap. (I don't know that model off hand because I found it at Marshalls a few years ago and I would have to look at the price tag). With all the carrying around and putting them in and out of purses I did over many years, the saffiano on both of them still looks brand new, as does the exterior, but the little gold name plate got very scratched, even as careful as I was. So those realizations led me to get the double zipper one at the outlet store with the saffiano leather. I called an outlet store (which was not close by) and found they were running a sale on it for $53. The store didn't have the color I wanted, so they checked with the other stores out of state and told me who to call that had it in stock. How nice was that! So I called them and they shipped it to me. The $53 helped with my decision. ;) There might be a sale on it now too with the Labor Day going on. You can find the numbers of the outlet stores directly from the MK official site.

    I love the wristlet. One thing I will say about it though is that compared to my previous wristlet (with the snap), it is heavier and larger. Turns out a future phone would have likely fit into the one I had, but the downside to that one was there weren't really sufficient places to put your money, etc. The double zip has nice space in there. But it is a bit heavier. Won't break your arm carrying it of course, and is not a huge deal. Just mentioning it because I did notice the difference once I started carrying it.
  14. Oh, and most importantly, the double zip is a really beautiful and functional wristlet. Lots of places for money, receipts, cards in the slots, and for whatever you want to put in the 2 zipper sections. Unlike my previous wristlet mentioned, taking out the phone is less cumbersome (the phone pouch in the other one opened to the inside center of the wallet, if you know what I mean). Even though the phone pouch opens to the outside of the double zip wallet, you still do have to undo the first flap to open the wallet, then undo the flap that secures the phone. Not a big deal though.

  15. Thanks so much I’ve been thinking about getting one, your review helped a lot to say yes to that though now I have small concern if it will fit on my bags. I’m sure it will fit on my Whitney but not sure if it will fit on my Mercer crossbody. I don’t know why they call the medium medium size since it’s more like a small one.

    The Mercer I have It fits your basics, a small wallet slash Coin purse or card holder, a pair of sunglasses, one or two lip sticks or gloss and your phone( any phone size does fit ) But I’m not if sure if it would fit that phone double zipper wristlet.

    It sounds cool the idea of a wallet that can be worn as a clutch and no need to change your stuff from the bag to the clutch but it’s not good use if the wristlet won’t fit on both of my purses.