Why the love for Love Quotes scarves?

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  1. I never heard of LQ until I got on this forum. Seems like a lot of you love these scarves. Can you tell me why? Please don't take offense, I just want to find out the appeal. To me, it looks like a really basic scarf that is really similar to a pashmina or a style that you might even find at a discount store (b/c it's so simple - plain scarf, knots at the end). I know it has a quote but that's not on the scarf itself. And as for softness, aren't there a lot of scarves that you can get for $20 that are soft and simple like this one? I hope no one takes offense. I am trying to find myself a nice scarf and just want to know more about this one. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. There is a big long thread about this. basically, the colors, texture, style, size outweigh any other pashimas or scarves that I've bought (even expensive ones). So, I always find myself going back to my LQ.
  3. i know what you mean. i was baffled as well before i purchased one. to me, the colors are the main reason. i just don't know any other scarf line that has such a huge range of such beautiful, vibrant colors. there's essentially every color you'd possibly want/need to match anything. that, plus the material, makes these so luxe - the rayon is very warm and elegant looking, while the linen is very airy and drapes beautifully. they keep me warm but aren't so warm that you can't wear them as an accessory even in warm weather.
  4. sounds like i might have to check these out. are they carried at dept stores? i'd love to see them IRL before buying. thanks again!
  5. vagabag, thanks for posting -- I've been wondering the same thing every time I poke in and see the super long LQ thread. I may have to check them out, too!
  6. I have 2 of them and honestly I regret the purchase. Sorry, no offense guys, but there's nothing that great about them. I rather have bought something silmilar at say a Loehmann's or another discount store. I've had a lot of problems with snagging, etc. And the fabric is not all that special. JMHO.
  7. Def check them out IRL before you purchase them! I regret not doing that.
  8. I have a ton of LQ scarves (mostly bought on sale with codes), and while I like them all (the colors are fabulous), the inevitable snagging does annoy the hell out of me. I think I'm too anal to own delicate scarves haha. Plus, they certainly weren't cheap. I actually don't think I will be buying any more in the future.
  9. I've only seen pictures of the LQ scarves and I'm not interested in them. I buy Tolani scarves since I think a scarf with some kind of pattern or design adds a lot more interest to an outfit than a solid color scarf.
  10. I wear pattern scarves if the rest of my outfit is plain, and I wear a plain scarf if the rest of my outfit has a lot of designs already. You can never have enough accessories :P
  11. hmm, i haven't had any problems with snagging so far and i really don't intentionally try to take care of them. i actually have never worn scarves ever, but ever since i got my first LQ i've been wearing one every day to match with different outfits. my outfits are usually neutral colors though, so the vibrant pop of color from these scarves look so cute imo. plus i want to get different colors that match my bags, heehee.
  12. i hear you! when i saw this long thread with a huge amount of views i know it is somehow popular. but i won't get one because it is too simple to me.
  13. i'd like to see them IRL but does anyone know a retailer? it seems like you can only get them online.
  14. Hi guys. I would recommend looking at organicgiraffe scarves. LQs look ratty after you wear them a couple of times. Organicgiraffe scarves are super soft and last. They are in the February issue of Lucky and are beautiful. I just received my second and am in love:tup:
  15. I agree! I don't think LQ are worth 80 dollars. There are similar scarves at Forever 21 for 5 dollars! I used to be obsessed with LQ (I have 6), but I was turned off by the snagging and ratty look of the scarf after a couple of wears.