Why Speedy?

  1. My first-ever Speedy is going to be a maroon mirage. What intrigues me is how hard-core Speedy owners are about this bag. Most of you seem to have more than one -- maybe a mono and a mini lin or whatever. But you love this bag.

    The downside to a handheld bag is obvious; you're hands aren't completely free and it would make carrying large objects a total nightmare. And then there's the sag factor.

    So what are the positives? What makes the Speedy your first choice in bag styles so much that you'd own a graffiti, a cerises and a damier azur?

    I'm curious.
  2. It holds everything.....!
    you have more then enough room for your daily stuff and then..

    plus its a just a great staple.

    As for the sag, Meh there are ways around that.
  3. it is just the best bag ever made imo...i realize that everytime i buy a different bag. it holds EVERYTHING, its a great shape, comfortable to hold, i like how it isnt too "tall" ( i just found out how much i liked that)....and i love the sag.:yes:
  4. For me, it's because it's LV's signature bag and one of the most affordable ones, although I don't have the Mono Speedy which would be *the* signature bag.
  5. Speedy is a classic bag and though I prefer something that I can sling on my shoulder, the Speedy changed all that for me. It's convenient and holds a lot. I don't worry about the sagging because I inserted a cardboard that was cut from the LV box it came in. It's very comfortable to handle and I just LVoe it! I'm sure you will too. Am thinking about the Mirage Noir.
  6. It's just a classic beauty. Timeless and versatile!
  7. 1. classic
    2. goes with EVERYTHING (especially the mono)
    3. it's lightweight
    4. you can carry a LOT of crap in it (today i had the following in my dammy 25: large agenda, two wallets, change purse, sunglasses case, eyeglasses case, cell phone, lip gloss, hand cream and contact lens solution, it still had room in it!) :wlae:
    5. takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'
    6. it makes me complete (i feel confident carrying such a hot, yet understated bag!)

    that enough reasons for ya? :p

  8. You totally should waitlist for the mirage. It's hot in both the black and the maroon.

    Thanks everyone. This is really educational. Let's see if I become a convert in September.
  9. :tup::tup:
  10. For me, it is just a very comfortable bag to carry. In fact, I have been using handheld bags so much lately, that when i use a shoulder tote, it seems too cumbersome (sp?) and more difficult to get into. Does anyone else feel this way? I've been thinking about this a lot over the weekend because on Wednesday I plan to purchase another bag but can't decide what to get. I thought I wanted a BH, but now I'm having second thoughts. Also,to answer the original question, the Speedy is such a classic and the style will always be "in" with no fear of looking dated in a few years.
  11. I'm a recent Speedy convert. I have a Damier 25 and an Epi black 25 and a mono 30 on the way from Let-trade (hope it comes today). The bag is so classy and classic, yet incredibly functional and versatile at the same time! It may seem ridiculous but I want a damier 30 even though I have a 25. Look at my avatar. Audrey is carry a mono looking classy as ever. This bag is truly timeless and one of my all time faves!

    Now, where can I see pics of the mirage? :nuts:
  12. I'm a handheld bag girl...won't carry a shoulder bag. I even have 2 small children and still carry my speedy. I have 3.....denim patchwork in blue, azur, and mono. I'm waitlisted for the mirage in black. I LOVE the speedy because it's a classic, holds a ton, looks totally chic with any outfit, don't have to worry about much vachetta......just LOVE it. I've owned the manhattan pm, theda gm, papillon, trouville, and popincourt....sold them all and went back to the speedy.
  13. Great price (more affordable) for the name, it holds a ton, lightweight, and I don't have to worry about the vachetta as much as my other bags.
  14. love the shape, most classic LV bag, great price, sagging can be prevented.
  15. I can't wait to get mine next year! It'll be my first LV! I want a 25. What's great is, while on vacation, my mom saw someone carrying it, and to my surprise, she felt it was a great price for that bag! We made a deal that if I get straight A's and a 5 on my AP, she'll buy it for me.

    It'll be hard work, but then again, that's how I got my Tiffany's necklace...