Why oh why do I have to be like that???

  1. I was one of those people who really didn't care for the Miroir... I wouldn't have taken one for free... (ok, I would have, but only to sell it on eBay, lol). And now... since I saw all those wonderful pix in the Celebs sticky... I'm in love, mainly w/ the Speedy. That bag is freakin' gorgeous :nuts:
    Plz tell me it's horrible IRL as I'm definitely NOT willing to pay the prices on eBay. Thanks ;) Anyone else feels like that?
  2. When they first came out with the Pefo line and i saw the Speedy 30 on eluxury i thought the same thing, i was like that bag is sooooo not cute and i would never want one. but i kept looking at it whenever i was on there and then we were in vegas and i saw someone with one and then i HAD TO HAVE IT! now it is my favorite louis of all of them. when you start feeling that way about a bag i think you just HAVE to get it!

    MY BIGGEST REGRET.....not buying the LAST speedy 25 cherry bag they had at the store when i bought my first ever LV. i didnt realize that i wouldnt be able to get it forever and i didnt know if i would want a bag that i would have carry on my arm or hand! now thats all i have lol.....
  3. I am same with you...I love silver speedy now and the keepall:love:
  4. Sorry, i'm one of the people who thought it looked awful, and then saw Paris Hilton (yes, Paris Hilton!!) carrying one and fell in love with it (smack me, someone!). I can't find the picture - she was wearing a green dress and white shoes and carrying the silver speedy.

    I wanted to buy one that was for sale on let-trade..but ended up not getting it.
  5. OMG, that's exactly how I am :rolleyes:
    I was eyeing the Cerises Speedy when it came out... could have bought one... but I was a shoulder bag girl - and not a fan of the bucket. So no Cerises for me :sad:
  6. Me too, thought it wasn't for me at the beginning, now regretting it! However, there are a lot of complaints about how it wears so I am wondering at the minute!
  7. Good point.
    I'd freak out if it looked awful after some use... and I really use my bags, I hate having sth. in my closet that's just decoration.
  8. ^^ My concern too. It is a gorgeous bag, however I have mixed feelings about the longevity of the bag because it is made of plastic and not leather or canvas like traditional LV bags. That's quite a pretty penny on a plastic bag, and I know that plastic dies a lot faster than some other materials. Anyone else have the same concern?
  9. [​IMG]

    It's her! She makes me wanting a miroir speedy now. It's shame that I was making fun of her foot. Now I am be punished and in "pain" that I can't get a miroir speedy.:sad:
  10. ^^Well, if you are that 'set' on getting that bag, just wait, it will find you! That's how things happen in life!! Good luck and Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!
  11. The miroir speedy wouldn't look right on me I don't think, but I love how it looks on others, it's gorgeous!
  12. I didn't like it at first...it grew on me....but I still won't buy one...mainly because I know I wouldn't wear it alot.
    Things do grwo on me though.....I hated Dentelle and now am waitlisted for it LOL
  13. Not a fan of it AT ALL.......just reminds me of tin foil:shrugs: .....and the price !:wtf: It's not even leather for that price...it's vinyl !!!!:yucky:
  14. The nature of LV moves the most obsessed.