Why losing weight and being a woman never works...

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  1. I have it figured out (as I sit here with my bowl of soy ice cream, Nestle Quick, and Reces Pieces).

    All month long women strive to stay in amazing shape- eat well and try to work out and not indulge... but then it comes time for your period and it is over. I can put on 10 lbs in 1 day- you heard right, no exxagerations, 1 day. And I do nearly every month when I am getting my period. I eat like no one ever fed me and my body craves it like no other. It is awful. I have no sense of being full and I just eat. So there goe my month of doing well.

    While this isn't a huge revelation, it is enough to help me justify what I am eating right now :amuse:

    Vlad- you are lucky you aren't 'one of us'!!!!!!! :shrugs: :hysteric:
  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one -- I usually have one or two days a month when I eat an insane amount of sweets and other stuff! Bless your heart, hope you feel better soon. :flowers:
  3. I hear you. My weight can fluctuate 5lbs on any normal day and during my time of the month, I just avoid the scale. Something about the chocolatey sugary goodness that just makes me feel better.
  4. I don't have cravings so much as I really just never feel full! Bummer!
  5. i always crave greasy, cheesy, fatty foods the first few days of my period. i just want to eat myself into oblivion. the papa johns guy becomes my best friend.

    thin crust with extra cheese and pepperoni...mmm...
  6. ^^ Haha.. Amanda, I crave everything!!!!!!!!

    It's not that I feel bad about it (I prolly should) but I realize that this part of being a woman is a lost cause :Push:
  7. same here too, and the worst thing is i don't even take anything sugary coz i don't have a sweet tooth and i still feel bloated. i can't be bothered with the scales till my period is over.
  8. Im the opposite, when my time of the month comes I DONT crave food at all. I always have to force myself to eat during that time.:shame:
  9. While I have passed the stage where this is an issue, it's worse out here in the M-word* land. I heard my metabolism at this age is 3X slower than a 20 years olds. Ohhh yeah. :wtf::throwup::crybaby:I know mine is. What a struggle it is. *sigh*

    You're so right about the MEN. They go through NONE :rant:of this quick weight gain stuff. Give my hubby a pizza and he'll not only not gain an ounce but the heat of his metabolism merrily at work will heat the entire townhouse for an evening. And a half hour later I'll hear him rooting around looking for ice cream!

    *"meno-y'know". that *thing* i'm in that i feel way to young to be in
  10. I crave sweet and salty like nothing else during that time. I live on salt & vinegar potato chips & chocolate for like the first two days. It's horrible.

  11. I hear you, sister!

    I had to have my ovaries removed a number of years ago and - after somewhat recovering from the shock of instant menopause, especially at such a tender age :wtf: - I discovered a side-effect NO ONE told me about. Your metabolism practically disappears! :rant:

    Still...with the removal of my uterus as well....I do NOT miss having periods! Not one teeny, tiny bit!!

    Are you reading this thread, Vlad?? You darned men have it SOOO easy!! :rant:
  12. I hear you Megs. I've resigned myself to eating like a madwoman that time of the month!!! :sad:
  13. I heard from a friend taht long ago food and gainign weight wasnt a HUGe issue like now! The problem now is that we put too much good stuff that are BAD for us in teh food...which makes everythign so soooo good and irresisitable.
  14. all month long i will surpress my desire to eat chocolate but whenever my period starts, i just cave in...
    chocolate has theraputic effects!!!! :yahoo:
  15. I know what you mean. sugar and salt. sugar and salt.
    its not fair.