Why Kate?

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  1. Why is Kate hooking back w/ Pete Doherty? Career wise--Kate stay away!! Didn't he go to rehab?? He still looks like a dirty druggy IMO.

    Kate and Pete Sharing Limos, Possibly Bodily Fluids

    Kate Moss and muscian Pete Doherty on August 11, 2006

    Kate Moss sporting a ring on her left ring finger on August 6, 2006
    [​IMG] Malibu Media (2)

    Kate Moss and Pete Doherty at the Rhythm Festival on August 6, 2006
    The ever-reliable British papers are reporting that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are back together. Moss, 32, who makes a furry-hatted turn on the September cover of Vanity Fair and tops the issue’s best dressed list, is said to be “overjoyed” at the reunion. The couple dated for a year-and-a-half after meeting at Moss’ 31st birthday party. She later dumped the Babyshambles frontman in July 2005 reportedly because of his rampant drug use.
  2. why?

    Because instead of getting lucrative endorsements, she needs to be in extended rehab :sad:
  3. Codependent relationships are very hard to get out of. I sure hope the father of her daughter goes for custody. That little girl should not be anywhere near that train wreck.
  4. Honestly, I'm shocked he hasn't overdosed yet. He's a disaster. I wish Kate would stay away from him, I can't believe she lets him around her daughter.

  5. i highly doubt he's much better than she is. but he's pretty powerful in the media so he can stop that coming out.
  6. Speaking of daughters, is she ever around her daughter? I mean, we always see her out with HIM!
  7. She only trots Lily out when she needs to improve her image in the media, like when she got out of rehab we saw pictures of her skiing with her daughter. No doubt, she'll pay attention to her again when she gets caught using again, which will definitely happen if she's with Pete.
  8. ^^^This is so true! Must be nice to only be a mom when you feel like it. hrrmm.
  9. I feel bad for her little girl. She's being raised by strangers and when her mother is around she's with this crackpot.
  10. So sad....., but I do love her Balenciaga bag!!!
  11. Ditto, to all. Swanky, you are so correct, she needs to be in rehab. I feel so bad for that little girl. This is just a terrible image to send out to young girls. Get caught using drugs, no problem you can just make more money, sad.
  12. Apparentley Pete has had an "implant" to help him stay off drugs
    and is clean now. I have seen him around a few times since he lives near me in the east end of London and he always looks yuk - ill and sweaty and pale. Can't understand the attraction myself either.
  13. I bet you 99.9999% she's still on drugs.....
  14. That is a very sad situation.
  15. I want an implant to keep me off junk food. :P