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  1. Sorry here is it again.

    OK, so I finally brought my Fendi spy bag in black a couple of weeks ago. So, I am happy loving my bag and then yesterday I am on SAKS website and guess what a NEW spy has emerge in dark denim. Why FENDI why:weird: and it is a beautiful. I can't buy another bag just brought the chocolate chloe and my limited for the year is done.

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  2. that new Fendi sure is purrrrty!
  3. I seriously want this bag, NOW! Fendi has me feelin' like a kid again. Remember when you'd see the commercials for toys like the Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Ya couldn't have just one, ya had to get her AND her fruity friends. That's how the Spys make me feel. I have one and I'm not gonna feel complete until I have, like, 10 more in 20 different colors!!!!!!!
  4. Exactly, I agree. This bag is beautiful. Tears came to my eyes when I saw this bag.