Why does the price range on East West?

  1. Hmm I recently ordered the East West bag and 'm anxiously awaiting its arrival - the SA estimated it would be here TODAY and it didn't come so it's driving me crazy :crybaby:Meanwhile I've been thinking about it nonstop! Hence the following question :p

    I purchased mine for $1095 but I noticed that the price ranges from $1050 to $1095 for caviar...just out of curiosity, does anyone know why that is or what determines which price tag it comes with? Is it color? (I noticed some other bags had diff prices due to color) Thanks for your help! :yes:
  2. It's interesting. I've never noticed that there is an east/west that costs $1050. I bought mine for $1095 and $1125 for lambskin. I have 3 of them in lambskin in different colors and all are priced the same at $1125. I think Chanel prices are so confusing.
  3. welp, i looked at both a black & white caviar east west yesterday & they were both $1050 (pre-price hike)...i think in some styles both the color & the leather determine the price :cutesy:
  4. Hmm, I've only seen E/W bags for $1050!
  5. I agree :shrugs:
  6. Sorry!!! I was hallucinated last night....went crazy with phone orders to beat the price hike. I just checked the price tag of my e/w in caviar, and it is $1050. sexxil..grl, you should check your price tag when the bag arrives, and let us know what your serial number is. Maybe we can guess why yours is more expensive than others.
  7. my east west bag was $1050 as well. i didn't know that there were different prices for the east west. :shrugs: