Why does the Bocce cost more than a dolce???

  1. I was checking online again and saw that the bocce costs $88 while the dolce costs only $80. That doesn't make sense! Who would pick that over a dolce? :confused1:
  2. im guessing it costs more because there is more leather on the bocce than the dolce:confused1:
  3. What REALLY doesn't make sense is why Caramellas cost $60 and Dolces cost $80.

    I think the Caramella is cute but even though the one I bought from eBay was only $29 I think its too much. It's two pieces of fabric with a zipper.

    I have made cosmetic bags in the past and it takes about 20 minutes. There is hardly any trim (two little loops of leather), no hardware and no detail work on the Caramella construction!

    I know a lot of you love them and they are a neat little bag to have as an accessory,but they should cost a lot less!
  4. I agree, I was thinking about that too when i wrote this post. Someone mentioned that ealier.. It should cost less. I guess we have to think about it in terms of how much of the print we want to buy. After all I think we're all buying them because of the design rather than them being Lesportsac..

    Vmasterz: I thought about that too, but still, it's only a tad bigger than a coin purse, but I guess if we compare it to the denaro...it's ok, but you don't carry that in a purse. I hope this is not why they got rid of the angioletto! I would much prefer that if all I wanted to do was carry a 'wallet'! :shrugs:
  5. you made a good point! i think its even close to the size of the dolce, but its just flat... i guess we are just buying the design/fabric :shrugs:

    SempreII: I think they got rid of the angioletto for a portatelefono?? not sure but its almost the same size if you ask me! ...maybe they should just put the leather handle from the angioletto/portatelefono to a denaro! :lol:
  6. hmmm.... I wonder if you can fit keys inside a denaro..if you can, that's not a bad idea..then again I guess the other items can fit a phone too....
  7. dont own a denaro, but doubt it can fit keys..its too flat! :lol: unless you only have 1 key to put in it lol..
  8. Sempre, you can always clip ur keys on the outside of the denaro like on the chain or hardware! Especially if you have alot of keys!
  9. ooh yeah! great :idea:! i even forgot it came with a chain :lol: