Why does Giant Harware cost more? It is gold plated?

  1. Just called BalNY to order a GH bag. Will post pics when I receive it tomorrow or Saturday. However I thought GH bags cost the same as RH? But It was $300 more.

    Is the GH gold plated? What makes it worth more than the RH and is the increase in price justified?

  2. I think it's just because it's *new* - makes it seems more desirable?
  3. Simple, they charge more because they "CAN" and they know people will pay for what's "in". And they are so right!!!:rolleyes:
  4. Well, first they have to find the perfect Rolos then dip them in gold...:roflmfao:

    I'm sorry. Couldn't resist. But in all seriousness, I agree with the pp in that it's a new design and Bal feels they can charge what the market will bear.
  5. well the hardware is also a lot bigger and heavier... but i don't think it's worth an extra $300 tho.
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ...i wish ... i totally agree as well, they just know people will but it anyway, so why not make extra 300 bucks on it ...:nuts:
  7. Thanks for the speedy responses! (tpf-ers can always be relied upon):smile:

    Hmmm so does anyone know if the hardware is actually gold plated or not? That would make me feel better about spending an extra $300 on this bag! I hope they aren't just regular gold colored base metal!
  8. Do you see what they charge for a NYLON Prada bag? I just saw one on Bluefly for $1,700 (which is a 30% markdown!). Puleez! With that kind of pricing, I'm thinking that Balenciaga decided to charge what the market will bear. ;)
  9. I think they're just gold metal. *sorry*
  10. I don't think they are gold-plated........are they?? :shrugs:

    You think 300 USD is bad - over here in the UK the bags are 200 GBP more which is the equivalent of $400 USD :wtf: The Brief or City with GH is 930 GBP!!!!!!!! That is like 1850 USD :wtf:

    I woudl expect to pay a bit more for the GH hardware but I personally think the difference in price is too much....but then as these girls have pointed out - if the market are willing to pay it then Balenciaga/stores will charge it :push:
  11. ...and no, they're not gold plated as far as I know. ;) I agree it seems exorbitant. I guess maybe they also justify it because of the double whipstitch and thicker shoulder strap? ;)
  12. ooh i didn't even know there was double whipstitching on these bags!
  13. and to look on the bright side, i guess if they aren't gold plated i won't have to worry about the gold chipping off.
  14. My thoughts exactly! It's amazing what other premium designer handbags cost compared to our beloved Bbags. Now, granted, I'm not particularly partial to the GH, but while they do cost a tad more they're not priced ridiculously higher than the RH. I don't understand how Prada can justify the >$2k pricetag on the nylon gauffre bags, but obviously people are willing to pay that much for them, so they do. Same rules apply to our Bbags...
  15. good point!!