WHY do you guys get so MAD?

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  1. I've been reading some threads regarding women walking around with fake LVs, and reading some of your responses about it. I don't understand why some of you get so mad/offended or "make fun of" the fact that some women carry fakes. Why? I mean, how does it hurt you? How does it affect what you buy, and why you choose to buy real bags?
    Some people merely can't afford to spend around $1000 for a handbag. But they might like LV so much that they're willing to buy a fake. Their intentions are not necessarily to "fool" anyone, or to "pretend" that they have money when they really don't. I was quiite preplexed by an ealier thread regarding fake TMs, where someone suggested giving such people dirty looks, or another who thought that was "yuk" for a lack of a better word.
    All I know is that I am not comfortable carry a fake. It's not just me. I will stupidly pay over a thousand to carry a bag that cost $100 to make. But that does not give me the right to gawk at, or get upset when someone decides to carry a fake. It's her business, her choice and I have no right to pass judgment.
    Anyone agree? If not, please let me know what, and why, you guys think what you do when you see someone carrying a fake.
    Thanks for your time.:P
  2. I certainly don't get 'mad'.
    And I'd NEVER, EVER say something to them about it or make comments loud enough for them to overhear me. I also don't cut them down to shreds in my head.
    But fakes are counterfeits, they're illegal.
    I personally do feel like most of the people try to buy 'superfakes' so as to fool people. I mean, if they didn't want to fool people or themselves a little why not just buy an original designed handbag?

    WHen I see one I think to myslef, "too bad that person would rather put money into the pockets of a thief {stolen design} instead of supporting an original designer."
    People can't build a building that looks just like Trump Tower and call it Trump Tower . . . .
  3. I don't give anyone dirty looks if I see someone carrying a fake. I just make a mental note...no skin off my nose. However, I will say that a lot of the counterfeiters and the buyers of fake bags are driving the prices up on the high-end bags b/c they're losing business due to all the fakes out there. Everything has a cause-effect relationship. It's also illegal to purchase/sell counterfeit bags.

    If I see a girl that has a fake bag, oh well. That's what I truly think. I know mine is real and couldn't carry a fake one. I'd be lying to myself. I honestly do believe though that some girls try to "pretend" to be someone they aren't when they carry around fake bags. I've seen it firsthand. Carrying around any bag, real or fake doesn't give someone the right to be snotty or obnoxious to another, you know?

    Anyway, that's just my .02!;)
  4. I don't think most people know why counterfitting is really wrong. To me I don't like it because I know that a lot of counterfitters are running sweatshops or using Child Labor. It also drives down the value of the authentics.
  5. If you read all of the other threads on the fake debate (and there are quite a few) you will see that everyone has their own opinions/reasons on why they do or do not think it's wrong for people to carry fakes. I just wish we could stay on topic and talk about our common love of accessories without starting and restarting new threads about this subject. It only seems to upset people, and we only wind up arguing in circles and using lots of red smilies and exclaimation points. I don't mean to offend anyone, just my $.02.
  6. I don't get mad at others or say a word to them, I would never choose to carry a fake though.

    When I coudn't afford more expensive bags I carried less expensive, cute, original designs.

    I don't see any valid reason to carry a counterfeit bag.
  7. Personally, I don't pass any judgement. I'm saving up for my first LV right now. I've looked at my bank account and see that I've managed to save a couple hundred dollars, and at times I'd rather go to the mall and leave with about 5 or 6 bags instead of just one.
    But after I do that, I'm still wanting an impeccably made handbag with great accessories to go along with it.

    I could just buy a fake, but I don't want to. I don't concern myself too much with what others do with their money. If I'm not paying for it....none of my business.

    Although I certainly hopes it costs more than $100 dollars to make a LV bag.
  8. My sentiments exactly! Who loves authentic bag?? Me!!!! Now let's discuss!!! ;) :lol:
  9. I think there are many people out there that do in fact buy fakes because they do feel that some may not notice- and that they can get away with it.
  10. I don't pass judgment when I see someone carrrying a fake bag. It makes me happier though that I'm carrying the real thing. :biggrin:
  11. I feel it must be very embarrassing for them when someone with an authentic designer bag walks by. :biggrin:

    I also think of them being irresponsible people who support criminal leagues by purchasing fake items.
  12. I don't get mad. I think it's a personal choice. It's just not my choice and it's their money.
  13. Fakes are illegal, and we should only support what is legal, simple as that ! There are lots of bags out there from other brands that cost as much as fakes, but they are authentic ! Have you seen some of the prices for fakes ? Some are more than 50% LV retail price. Plus, alot of innocent victims get ripped off. If nobody buy fakes, they will go out of business. It is almost as bad as buying stolen goods. In this case the identity was stolen.
  14. I think that most people who carry fake bags of ANY designer do so because they just wouldn't spend the kind of money to buy a real LV or other bag. They feel like they are looking just as good for a fraction of the price and I've heard many people say that people such as ourselves are stupid for spending that much money on a handbag. HOWEVER, we are not just purchasing a handbag. Once you have learned fully about the designer you are interested in, learned about the style and craftsmanship of the work, and learned how the whole business started, you feel like your part of a network. Part of a group who "understands quality". So, we're not just buying bags to look like we have a LV bag, we're buying the bags because we want to support and confirm the quality and specialness of a finely made item.
  15. well.. how do you know that their intentions are not to "fool" anyone, or to "pretend" that they have money when they don't? there ARE in fact, a lot of people that carry fakes to "show they can afford" a designer name.. even though they cant. and though we're not supposed to do it, we all pre-judge others.. especially in a retail environment.. most of us can usually tell how much a person will buy all based on their handbag (whether it's fake or not)

    and it actually does hurt us, cuz while we buy the authentic ones.. because of the surplus of fakes out there, everyone can't help but think everyone's bags are fake.
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